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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BFFs=Blogging Friends Forever

Alice Teh, Rhinoa and Melody were both nice enough to pass on this cute award to me. Not being extraordinary technically-abled, it took me a while to post the image on my blog, but here we are at last!

I sent out out a plea for help on Saturday to my blogging friends who live in warmer climes to help me escape the wretched Minnesota winter.

I'd like to pass on this Blogging Friends Forever award to those who opened their hearts to me, a husband and a puppy.

Debi (even though she tells me there is still snow there)
Alice Teh (I have to take a trip to Asia now so I can stop by Malaysia where it is warm year round)
Nymeth (To visit Nymeth, I would get to go back to Europe and stop in Portugal)
Chris (New Orleans where they don't have snow)
Trish (Texas is sounding so lovely right now)
Melody (While I'm in Asia, I'll swing by Singapore as well.)
Andi (When I go out each, I can stop by South Carolina)
And of course, right back at ya to Rhinoa.

Ya'll are fabulous, and now when I show up at your doorstep with a suitcase in hand you at least won't think I'm a stalker, right? Right? Ha ha.

On the upside, it was sunny today, if a bit chilly so I did get to take a nice long walk with Rusty. He is the celebrity of the neighborhood as the kids know him by name and run to pet him whenever we go on walks. We finally took down the baby gate that we foolishly thought was keeping him from mischief in the bedroom in office. Yesterday Rusty proved himself to be quite the athlete as he jumped the baby gate. Rusty stands only 12 inches from the ground, and the baby gate is a good three feet high. How he managed to launch himself up and over it without even a running start seems to defy all the rules of physics in my mind. I have a genius for a puppy. (Not to brag or anything).


Melody said...

You're most welcome, Kim!! Glad to hear there's a little sunshine there...

Chris said...

Thanks Kim :) Believe it or not it got down into the 30's here last that is bizarre in New Orleans. Isn't it fun when puppies start learning that they can break down just about any barrier that you set up ;)

Susan said...

We've had over 14 feet of snow this winter. We are now 3 inches short of the all-time snow record for Ottawa. and we had snow showers last Friday all day. thankfully the snow melted. Just in case you felt all alone in the's still here in Canada too, even if it's finally melting away! any signs of spring there? and isn't it lovely all the book-blogging friends in the warm south are so friendly too? :-)

Alice Teh said...

Bravo to Rusty!

Now Kim, if you wear a hand-written nametag that says "Hello, my name is Kim", I'd let you in immediately. Don't forget to bring genius puppeh too. :D

Nymeth said...

hehe, thank you, Kim. Today is actually the first sunny day in weeks! Rusty could run around the backyard and play with my dogs.

Andi said...

Thanks so much, Kim!!! Come right over. :D

Kim L said...

melody-oh thank goodness there is finally some sunshine! I was going crazy.

chris-wow that is about like here! And yes, it is a little crazy to watch the puppy completely out-think the safeguards. Now I guess the babygate will be nice junk that sits in the garage.

susan-Ooh, if you are a Canadian you can understand my pain! When do you usually get nice spring weather finally? And yes, I definitely appreciate my southern blogging buddies :-)

alice teh-that is exactly what I do when I come to Malaysia. And I'll definitely have the genius puppy

nymeth-perfect! We don't have a backyard, so we like to borrow other peoples' for Rusty to run around in when we can :-)

andi-oh believe me, your neck of the woods sounds real nice right now!

Debi said...

Aw, you're so sweet! And if you still need to head out of town, our snow's all gone...and it was a lovely 70 degrees today! Woohoo! (No guarantees it will last, but still...)

Trish said...

Thanks Kim!! You're welcome to come down to Texas anytime! It's beautiful outside today and should be tomorrow as well. But, Texas weather is REALLY fickle (at least in Dallas). It will be hot one day and cold the next--at least until summer when it is 90+ every day. :)

Kim L said...

debi-70 degrees sounds lovely! I hear we are supposed to get something like that soon, so I've got my fingers crossed!

trish-but what do you consider cold in Texas? I would take a little bit of cold if I had mostly warm. Maybe I need to find a job somewhere in Texas:-)

Trish said...

We had a lot of snow this winter--I think 3 days? :) We get ice and it does get cold, but it'll warm up during the day. I'd say our average for the winter is 40-45?, but we will get random days in the 70s and 80s even. In the summer it is hot and humid, but I'll take that over the cold any day. I grew up in Toronto, but have since forgotten what true cold is actually like.

Giulia said...

Cuter than a button, chews carpet to a pulp faster than a speeding bullet, and able to leap three-foot baby fences in a single leap--it's RUSTY THE WONDER DOG!!