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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snow? Really??

There is a reason that older Minnesotans have winter homes in Arizona after they retire.

Sadly I'm not:
  1. retired
  2. rich
So I do not have a winter home in Arizona. This weekend I wish more than usual that I did. 30 degrees with a bitter wind wouldn't seem that bad if only last weekend wasn't 60 flipping degrees out. Why oh why must you tease us, Minnesota??? I swear if next weekend doesn't start warming up, I might go crazy.

Any readers from Arizona? Do you have room for a semi-permanent guest, 1 husband and a puppy?


Debi said...

I'd invite you to come hang out here until spring arrived in Minnesota, but I'm afraid we don't live in Arizona...and we're supposed to get snow today, too :(

Hope it warms up for you soon!

Alice Teh said...

Would you like to stay in Malaysia? It's nice and warm all year round... Alice and her family welcomes Kim and her family. Pup is welcomed too. :D

Nymeth said...

I'd invited you to Portugal where it's relatively warm, but it's been raining for two weeks straight now...not exactly spring weather either. The lack of sunny days is starting to bring me down. It's almost May! I hope we all get some decent spring weather soon.

Kim L said...

debi-so you already know how I'm feeling. Please spring come soon!

alice-Malaysia sounds very nice. I'm all about staying warm year round. I've got the bags packed :-)

nymeth-I would love to come to Portugal! Even if the weather isn't nice. But maybe I'll have to wait until the summer.

Chris said...

There's a sofa bed in New Orleans for y'all if you can all fit on it :) The weather really nice here today, sunny and 60' you're welcomed to come on by! Hope your snow goes away soon...that's just miserable :(

Trish said...

Minnesota?? I don't know how you Northerners do it!! My grandparents live half the year in Toronto and the other half in Arizona. Really, though, Arizona isn't all that pretty. Come to Texas!! You have to put up with some humidity and crazy storm weather in the spring, but eh...better than snow!

Melody said...

Kim, if you do visit Alice, do drop by Singapore too! ;) We've almost the same weather anyway!!!

Andi said...

It was in the 80s here all weekend (North Carolina) and then it dropped into the 30s last night. Ugg.

Kim L said...

chris-New Orleans sounds just about right. Oh 60 degrees sounds just lovely! Do you guys even get snow there? Probably not. It is fun for about 2 months. 3 months tops. Sadly in MN we have it for anywhere from 4-6 months!

trish-I don't know how I do it either sometimes. I have mad skills at driving in snowstorms though. I would happily trade it in for nicer weather. I have a college roommate who is originally from Texas. It sounds very nice, especially right now!

melody-I really do want to go to Singapore someday. I'm glad to hear that when I go I'll enjoy the weather!

andi-Oh I hate how variable the weather is. Earlier this month we had a massive snowstorm on Monday, 60 degrees on Friday, and another snowstorm by Monday. I will take 80 degrees though!