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Monday, August 4, 2008

What I'm Writing Now

I just have to pause and tell you how cool debi is. As a wanna-be writer, sharing stories you've poured your heart into is one of the scariest things in the world. I have forced myself to write some short things to share on my blog (AKA Weekend Fiction Break) just to get myself used to sharing. Some brave souls have left me wonderful, encouraging comments, and debi is one of them. The other day when I posted a picture from my last vacation, debi asked me what I'm sure she probably thought was just an off-hand comment, but little did she know it got my brain going. After I read her comment, I thought maybe I could use the picture from before as the starting point for a little story for Weekend Fiction Break.

So I sat down to start it last night and suddenly I had one of those moments where the words just came pouring out. My story's grown now behind the point of shareability on my blog. It's taken on a direction of its own.

In the process of writing this particular story, I am reminded of how writing isn't just about me and the computer locked down in a solitary war of the wills. I wanted to add in some authentic details to my story about things I couldn't possible google, so I kept running back and asking my husband questions like, "honey, what kind of dangerous objects do eleven-year-old boys really like?" (knives) "honey, what would have been the coolest type of gun you would want to own that involves a number in the name?" (Parker Brothers double barrel twelve gauge shotgun). His answers to my many questions changed the course of where I thought I was going with my story. And of course, there wouldn't have even been a story without debi sparking the idea for me. So thank you debi, and husband, and all of you lovely quirky people in my life who give me wonderful ideas, inadvertantly or no.


Debi said...

Oh my, you silly girl. No need to thank me! It's I who thank you. If you haven't figured it out by now, let me just state it clearly...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your stories!!! And for now, I'm lucky enough to read them for free...I suspect one day, I'll be buying your stories from the local bookstore!

And I can't wait to see what you wrote using that picture as inspiration! I loved that shot!

Alice Teh said...

Happy writing, Kim!

That's an interesting picture and I'm sure an interesting story would come out of it too. :)

Melody said...

Kim, I can't wait to read your story! And you're right that Debi is indeed a wonderful person!!! :)

Keep writing! :D

Trish said...

Fantasic! I can't wait to hear more about your experience (and maybe catch a glimpse at what you're writing!?!). In your writing questions you kind of sound like my reading questions when I'm reading about war or violence (hubby, what is a cattle gun, hubby what is a such and such and such).

Kim L said...

debi-well thank you anyhow :-)

alice-well thanks!

melody-yes debi is, isn't she??

trish-yes, I kept telling my husband there was a reason I married him. (JOKINGLY!)