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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Write On Wednesday

This week, Becca asks:

How about you? Is your writing life healthy these days? How do you keep your writing life alive? What are some of the remedies you use to revive it?

I was just making a list today of all of the things I try to cram into my free hours at home, revolving around writing, and when I finally looked at what I'm expecting of myself, it was a "smack my forehead" moment. No wonder my time feels so cramped! I'm trying to do everything, everyday.

What do I actually get accomplished out of all of that? When it comes to writing, I have my highs and lows in terms of inspiration and wordcount. I am learning how to write when my muse is on vacation. Although I like it when she's around. I have much better wordcounts when I'm so inspired I forget how long I've been writing and it turns out I just pounded out 500 words in a single go of it. And then the next day it takes me two hours to get out five hundred words that I know I'll probably delete tomorrow.

So it goes. Days that I sit at my computer and write absolute crap, though, are still better than days I don't write at all. When I don't write one day, the next day I figure my word count for the week is shot anyhow, so why bother, I can just wait until the next Sunday to get started, and do better then... and then a week's gone past and I haven't written a blessed thing that wasn't for work. Or my blog, if I'm lucky.

So I try to be flexible with myself when I don't meet my writing goals. If I can't write, can I revise something I've already written? Can I do some research for The Great American Novel? Can I read a chapter from one of my awesome writing books that I got for Christmas? Then I give myself a pep talk.



"You can do it."

"No, I can't."

"Yes you can." (Inspiring music from Rocky playing in the background.)

"Nah, I think its more fun wasting time on the internets right now."

"Getyourrearintogearnow!! Ooh... internets... pretty... Paris Hilton got a nose job?"

When all else fails, I imitate other writers. I mark passages in the books I'm reading and copy them into a big ole Word doc and as I type I have to think through the structure and the words that the author chose for this passage and I feel WAY smarter. I've STUDIED! I've LEARNED!!

And when even that fails, there's always reruns of 30 Rock awaiting me online. Because TV helps me write (*eye twitches uncontrollably). Really!!


Bonnie K said...

Bravo Kim,
Sounds like your life is very full and there are many things to keep you away from your writing. I remember when it was a lot tougher to find the time and the energy to keep writing but you find your chunks and make the most of it.
BRAVO again,

Becca said...

I know just what you mean about trying to cram too much into the days. Me too...

I like your idea about simply copying out favorite writers work. Sometimes the act of getting the fingers moving gets the brain going as well.

Nymeth said...

lol! The internets can be so shiny and pretty, can't it?

I really love your determination, Kim.