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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Binging on Graphic Novels

Hello fellow Saloners. I'm on a graphic novel binge and I can't seem to get off of it.

I know the first step is admit I have a problem. I do. Lately, I don't feel like reading big long books with lots of words when I can polish off three graphic novels in an afternoon. My library doesn't help. Boy does it ever not help. I have my library card activated at three different libraries to feed my binge.

I just want to feel like I'm accomplishing my reading goals. And maybe I just like looking at lots of really cool artwork too. I finished the Sandman series, I'm nearly done with Fables, so I've started two more series. Actually I'm about halfway through the Emma novels because I read three of them yesterday. The Walking Dead is good so far, although I had a terrifying nightmare last night involving zombies that I completely blame upon reading the first Walking Dead novel late at night.

I'm going to go back to denial and justification now. I just finished an extremely long non-fiction book, which was a lot of reading about an extremely serious topic (the nature of evil), so I can be completely justified in wanting to escape to Fabletown or Victorian England, right? Plus, I just found out that I am for sure going to be going back to school this fall, so I'll have to read lots of serious books then and I need to indulge now when I can, right? Right? Riiiiiight?


Literary Feline said...

There's nothing wrong with a graphic novel binge. My husband would be the first to tell you. :-) Enjoy! You'll find your way to other types of reading material when the time is right.

Eva said...

As long as you review the, binge away! I've been in a big graphic novels mood lately, but I don't have a lot of them on my TBR list. So the more reviews, the better!

Stephanie said...

I'm reading The Doll's House right now, and have the second Fables on tap next. I can just tell both series are awesome!!

Oh....a Zombie graphic novel?? I so want to read that!!

That's really cool about school. What are you studying? I want to start taking classes again in the fall. Get my teaching certification.

Vasilly said...

After reading the non-fiction book, you are definitely justified in reading about the adventures in Fabletown. Enjoy your reading binge.

Debi said...

My reading's been pretty graphic novel heavy lately, so I'm certainly not going to be pointing any fingers. I say Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!!

Kim L said...

literary feline-yeah, eventually I hope to get back to the lighter reads!

eva-oh I will totally review them!

stephanie-I'm going to do my MBA. Excited... but dreading going back a little. And yeah, the zombie graphic novel is awesome.


debbie-i will!