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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Howdy from the Minnesota State Fair

When you live in Minnesota around Labor Day, everyone's thoughts begin turning towards thoughts of deep fried cheese curds, pickles on a stick, chocolate chip cookies and all you can drink milk. Yesterday hubby and I took off of work for the express purpose of testing out how many State Fair activities it is possible to cram into a single day without dropping dead of exhaustion.

It may not have been our most sane experiment ever, but we did discover that there is a limit to human tolerance for walking, eating and simultaneously taking in entertainment.

Some old favorites:
*Crop art. Yes, people make art out of seeds. This year, for whatever reason, political art was really popular. Both of these examples won ribbons.

*Machinery Hill. Tractors. Engines. Okay, not necessarily my favorite, but hubby got to recall his days as a farmer.

*Free stuff. Hey, one of our local radio stations was giving away free air guitars. How can I resist a deal like that?

New favorites:
*Horse shows. This year, all the horse shows were free, so we watched some heart-pounding barrel racing

*Barn tour. A guide took us around all of the animal barns (for free!) and told us all sorts of fun and silly facts about the animals. Even my farmer hubby was impressed.

*Hearty breakfast at the fair. We had never gotten there early enough to get breakfast at the fair before, but it was pretty good.

*Gelato. I'm a bit of an ice-cream snob, and ever since sampling the real, true, Italian gelato, I've been in search of a good equivalent here in Minnesota. Surprisingly, the fair provided the most authentic gelato I've had since Italy.

When my stomach has recovered a little bit more from the excess I put it through, I'll be around to visit your blog!


Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

Looks like you had a great time! We love our State Fair (end of July).

Oh said...

I loved this entry, the pictures and the info. And talk about synchronicity! We were coming home from visiting our son at University and we were listening to the radio and Prairie Home Companion came on and Kellor was broadcasting from your state fair!!! and he was telling about the different things to visit and see and eat and made several mentions of the deep fried cheese curds. Porcupine meatballs. Corn dogs and wheat dogs, and also who had the best give-away "bag" which they thought was St. something's university? The show was great, he interviewed several locals and the music was good.
And then I saw your blog - small world? Big world, full of very cool shared moments.

Kim L said...

Melissa-it's so much fun to just get out and enjoy the outdoors and eating, isn't it?

oh-how funny! It really is a small world, isn't it! It was mpr day at the fair, and although we didn't get the chance to see him (we were too tired to stay that late), it was a lot of fun to visit the mpr booth. I bet he mentioned those deep fried cheese curds, and everything on a stick :-)

Giulia said...

I went to the Fair yesterday, and among other things (including alligator on a stick) I tried out the gelato (hazelnut--mmmm). One of the people I was with had also been to Italy, and they too gave it a thumbs up. :)

Anonymous said...

is that the epiphany diner??

Kim L said...

Giulia-do you nutella? Because if you don't, you should, lots of hazelnutty goodness.

Holicita-St. Bernard's Diner. Close though :-)

B said...

Kim my dear. Please never let my friend, your hubby, ever every wear that hat again.

Much love,