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Sunday, December 30, 2007


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

As I am trying my hardest to wrap my (non-technological) mind around all of the possibilities in blog design, I was reminded of that quote by Arthur C. Clarke. I’m viewing the dizzying array of templates, widgets, add-ins, and because I barely understand how they work, much less how someone comes up with the idea on their own, they seem… well… yes… magical. I guess this psychology major is just never going to understand javascript.

I have a lot of “umm… this may be a dumb question but….” moments when it comes to computers and technology, but I used to have a wonderful coworker who always made me feel like such a computer smarty. She was having anxiety because she couldn’t open this extremely important document. Alright, said I, show me what you’re doing. She opened Word, clicked on Open, and scrolled through to find the document in question. The file was labeled file.xls. Ta da, opening an Excel file in Word is your diagnosis! Solution: open Excel file in Excel. And I come out looking oh so smart. Other incidences like this have led to my (I hope) permanent status as somewhat of a “computer genius”. Or “computer magician”, I suppose.

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