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Monday, December 31, 2007

Some People's Parents

She’s a superstar singer, and a regular high school student. She is Hannah Montana and Miley Cirus. She is every tween girl’s idol.

Watching a friend of mine who is the parent of Hannah Montana-idolizing tween try with her best grit and determination to buy tickets to HM’s most recent concert, I was not surprised to learn that 80% of tickets were sold to ticket brokers, who resold them for sums anywhere from $350-$2000.

There were few measures my friend did not attempt. She tried using a Hannah Montana fan club code, went to work early so she could use the broadband internet to pull up the Ticketmaster website, and called the Ticketmaster phone line so she could be assured of at least a seat. Within 2 minutes, it was all over, and she was still ticketless.

However, I am comfortable in the knowledge that she did not go as far as this mother. Yes, that’s right, she helped her 6-year-old daughter write a fake essay to score a set of tickets and a blonde wig. Her reasoning? “We did the essay, and that’s what we did to win. We did whatever we could do to win.”

The essay apparently caught the attention of those judging the competition with an opening line carefully calculated to manipulate that one heartstring all Americans love having tugged, that one topic that sends all of us running for our hankies: “My daddy died this year in Iraq.”
Maybe the mother isn’t quite as crass and calculating as I first suspected. She is just teaching her daughter life skills, after all. When precocious little daughter goes to college and the professor accuses her of plagiarism, she’ll know exactly what to say.

I copied the essay, and that’s what I did to get an A. I did whatever I could to get an A.
Really, for many people that’s an attitude that takes years to develop, and this daughter will be so far advanced beyond her peers in it that really I can almost understand the reasoning behind it.

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Bold Blue Adventure said...

Really I should have added that my friend did end up going to the concert with her daughter. Her daughter stood in line for hours in order to draw from a lottery. She happened to draw a high enough number to get into another line to ultimately buy a ticket.

Carl V. said...

Very sad commentary on how far some people will go in pursuit of 'things'. I feel so sad for this child, to have to be taught how to get through life from a parent like that. What hope does she have? Last I read they were undetermined as to whether they were going to revoke the tickets. I hope they don't actually let the girl go...she needs to learn a lesson about lying and cheating now, not have that behavior reinforced by not getting any consequences.

Bold Blue Adventure said...

It was definite last I saw that they did revoke the tickets. They didn't say yet who they were going to give them to instead. Hopefully someone more deserving!