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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Testing... testing....

Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you’re here, because without you this would be nothing more than a journal for future archeologists to learn about what life was like in the early 21st century. Hmmm… better start collecting random facts for aforementioned archeologists: Price of eggs=$1.39 Cost of gas=$3.00/gallon Most obnoxious celebrity=toss up between Brittney Spears and Suri Cruise.

Or you can read this blog and bookmark it, thus justifying its existence. I had a xanga blog before and just quit updating, so what am I going to do differently this time? First off, I’m starting with a much better format. Anyone can leave comments, for starters. So if you find a post interesting, funny, note-worthy or utterly repulsive, leave me a comment.

Alrighty so that’s the formatting stuff. What can you actually expect from Bold Blue Adventure? Here’s my description so far:

“Start with stories about the random things that happen to me, mix in profiles of interesting people I’ve met and a pinch of book recommendations; as an added bonus toss in some short stories, stir briskly and you have my blog.”


Lauryn said...

$2.00/gallon? Where do YOU fill up?!

Bold Blue Adventure said...

Ha ha. I realized last night that I had meant $3.00/gallon, not $2.00. You got there before I had a chance to correct it.