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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Moon: Mini-Review

Mini-reviews: Just doing my part to help you cut down on your book blog addiction.

New Moon
by Stephanie Meyer
Reason for Reading: Seriously, have you tried putting these ones down?
Rating: 2.5/5

New Moon adds little to the Twilight series, aside from lots and lots of angsty-ness. Edward leaves Bella, telling her he doesn't love her and never did, and on top of that, he's leaving town. She manages to swallow this one, and spends like six months or something in a near catatonic state because she can't find a way to exist apart from Edward.

Her incredible teenage angsty pain is alleviated somewhat by a friendship with Jacob, who in some ways is a lot better for her than Edward. Things seem to be going well, but he has secrets of his own that threaten to drive them apart.

So there's more stuff about vampires, more stuff about Bella, and enough teen angst for about ten books.


Alice Teh said...

I didn't enjoy New Moon as much as I did Twilight.

Literary Feline said...

Bella definitely got on my nerves in this one.

My brother-in-law is reading Twilight right now, I was surprised to learn (if you knew him, you'd be surprised too). He's really liking it. I guess he'd seen the movie, really liked that and decided to try the books.

oh said...

Funny to read your take on this one - I had the same reaction yet while at the bookstore tonight, found myself thinking about getting the third one. But I didn't buy the first two - I borrowed them. Must now find a way to borrow #3. It HAS to be better.

Rhinoa said...

Love your review :) Get ready for even more teen angst in Eclipse...