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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Fracking Mirror

I have been coveting my mother-in-law's little mirror for a while. It screws into the wall and is on a sort of hinge system where it can pulled pulled away from the wall, so it's really handy for putting on makeup. I had the chance to finally go to IKEA, where she had purchased it from, and pick up one for myself. One of my favorite things about IKEA is the funky Swedish names that they give to all of their products. My IKEA bookshelf isn't just a bookshelf, for example, it's a BILLY bookshelf. Our IKEA coffee table is the BENNO coffee table. And so on.

I am for some reason (it just might be watching too much Battlestar Galactica) I find the name of the mirror absolutely hilarious. It is the FRACK mirror. Now, to their credit, I doubt that the people who named this were aware that it is a swear word in a science fiction show. But STILL.

(Conversations heard around the Kim L household recently:)

Kim L: Sweetie, can you hang my fracking mirror this weekend?

Husband: Of course I can hang your fracking mirror this weekend.

Kim L: Because I really want to start using my fracking mirror as soon as possible.

Husband: Don't worry, I will get to hanging your fracking mirror. I'm going golfing, but I will squeeze out time to hang your fracking mirror.

Kim L: Oh good.


Alice Teh said...

LOL! Your fracking mirror sounds and looks cool!

Lauryn said...

Nice. :) I've seen those in hotels and always wanted one but didn't know where to get one. Now I do, so I'll probably be picking one up. (And I'll admit, I also really want to have a fracking mirror.)

Melissa Muirhead said...

Love the fracking mirror - and I am too watching too much Battlestar Galastic at the moment. My husband and I are going back through all the series in preparation for the DVD release of the final half of season 4 soon. Over the weekend we averaged about 8 episodes a day (we were sick as well so it kept us entertained on the couch).

Susan said...

Fracking good post about Ikea and BSG! I miss BSG SO MUCH!!! I have to get the Fracking mirror just so I can say it.....