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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seriously... Is it Friday Yet?

I know I just had a three day weekend for Memorial Day, but I. Want. Friday.

It isn't that I have any big plans. I just think that Wednesday should have the decency to skip right over Thursday to Friday. What say you? Should I start a petition?


Trish said...

Hmmm--we get donuts at work on Thursday, so I'm reluctant to skip. Wednesday I could totally skip over, though!

Vasilly said...

I am so willing to skip to Friday. But let's start next week, okay? =) The semester ends this Friday and the next one starts Monday, so I'm not in a rush. If you insist, let's skip to Friday!

Literary Feline said...

I'll sign the petition! Friday can't get hear soon enough.

Stephanie said...

If you start one, I'll definitely sign it!

Amanda said...

I think you read my mind. Sigh...where's the weekend already!

Debi said...

Can we even skip right to Friday evening? I realize that's asking a lot, but hey, if you're gonna start this thing you might as well go whole hog, right?

Anonymous said...


Alice Teh said...

It's Friday! It's Friday! I'm still in Singapore until Sunday. Woohooo~~

Oh said...

start the petition. Mention in it that 4-day work weeks are faaaaar longer than 5-day work weeks.
I am exhausted and sitting stunned in front of my laptop at the kitchen table. Keep the coffee coming.

Susan said...

I often say this, actually I think going from Sunday night straight through to Friday at 5 is the best, don't you? Just skip over the entire week of work......