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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Baklava Weekend

Here's how my weekend goes (as is typical):

8am: Man I have the whole weekend ahead of me to catch up on all sorts of things I need to do. Blogging, writing, homework... tons of stuff!

9am: Okay, time to put the book down and get some productive things done

10am: Really time to get around to doing something productive

11am: Good, I've started cleaning. This is great. This is productive.

12pm: crap, lunchtime.

1pm: lunch done, dishes done, laundry started. Now I can start thinking about homework, blogging, all that other stuff I need to do.

2pm: Take a walk outside! Enjoy the weather.

3pm: Okay need to be productive again.

4pm: Man, that was an awesome nap.

5pm: Grocery store run, right.

Several hours later: I have not blogged. I have not done homework. But hey I made some baklava!

A few hours later: Oh man. I should not have eaten that much baklava. Oh well.


Stephanie said...

OMG. You have been spying on me! That looks like a typical day off for me. So much to do...and yet it never gets done.

The Baklava looked fantastic!! Is it hard to make??

Aaron said...

Baklava is so much fun to make! It's surprisingly simple, although it's a tad time consuming.

It's also fairly hard to mess up, which is also good! :-)

Alice Teh said...

It's so good to catch a glimpse into your weekend life.

I usually hang at my family's place or with friends for outings (like what happened today).

Trish said...

Oooooh--please post us the recipe for Baklava!! I love it but it seems really complicated to make.

Are you in school? You mention homework a few times but I didn't know you were taking classes?

By the way, my weekends usually turn out that way, too. Amazing how fast the time goes when you don't actually do anything! :)

Lezlie said...

The Baklava looks awesome! I'd have eaten too much, too. :-)


jessi said...

Sounds about like how my entire summer has been so far! :) That baklava does look amazing; you really should post the recipe.

Melody said...

Thanks for sharing! And oh, that Baklava looks yummy!!!