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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Storm Front (review)

Storm Front by Jim Butcher
Reason for Reading: Sounded interested
Rating: 3/5

Summarize the plot: Harry Dresden is a wizard. He also solves crimes.

One sentence review: For some mindless escapism, this book didn't annoy me, but it didn't really make me keep reading the series either.

What I liked: Harry Dresden is an interesting character, and I liked the fantasy element in an otherwise pretty typical police procedural.

What I didn't like: I didn't hate the book. I didn't even dislike it. But it was such complete fluff that I can barely remember the plotline now that it has been a few weeks since I read it. I don't really like police procedurals very much, and despite the inclusion of fantasy, there isn't too much originality in this book. Yes, it's entertaining. My husband read this one after me, and in the past month has read like six more of them. But I just wasn't that into it.

Should I read it? Plenty of other people have really enjoyed this book. If the combination of fantasy and crime novel sound like your thing, you'll probably enjoy it more than me.

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Stephanie said...

I admit, it is total fluff. But for some reason, I really liked it! (and I loved the TV show that was based on this series as well.)

Sorry it wasn't for you!

Rhinoa said...

I'm sorry you didn't like it :( Sounds like your husband enjoyed it more. Sometimes fluff is good though like the Undead series by MaryJanice Davidson which works really well. I have read the first 3 of these now and am really enjoying them.

Kim L said...

stephanie-I have the tv show in my netflix queue. I think I might like it more in a condensed, TV form.

rhinoa-sometimes fluff is good, I totally agree!

Marg said...

I think that this is one of those series that builds up after the first book. Certainly I have enjoyed the later books that I have read more than I enjoyed the first one.

Susan said...

I didn't post about it, but I read this last year sometime (or maybe the year before I started blogging) and I really enjoyed it. Like Stephanie, I enjoyed the tv series too. I didn't post about it because I'm really bad at posting about all the books I read! I am trying to fix that, seeing I'm a book blogger! lol

Alice Teh said...

I may pick this up one day. One day...