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Thursday, October 23, 2008


To nanowrimo or not to nanowrimo... that is the question. I have a full-time job, a blogging hobby, a reading hobby and not a lot of time. Can I really make this happen?

I have a book started. I have a good bit of research going. But do I have enough research to really dig into the meat of the book? Am I insane enough to attempt it?

Who else is crazy enough to do nanowrimo this year??


Bookfool said...

I say sure, why not. If you only get 5,000 words written, you've progressed that much on your book. You don't have to "win" (aka "write 50,000 words) to be successful at Nano.

Trish said...

I talked my sister into doing it this year. She's kind of a free spirit and doesn't really like stuff like this--but I told her that even if she learns a little bit about what kind of writer she is and gets even a little bit that she can use she's one step further.

I think you should!!!

Marg said...

I am not going to Nanowrimo, but I am still trying to decide whether I will commit to Nanoblopo (or something like that) where you have to try and blog something everyday for a month.

Debi said...

Definitely give it a shot...what have you got to lose? (Besides a fair bit of sleep, that is.) I'm not doing it...a writer I am not! But my daughter's excited for November to roll around again.

Andi said...

I should join, but I'm waffling, too. Maybe you can convince me to try along with you.