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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things That Are Cool

*A brisk walk on a fall day
*Playing with the puppy
*Pumpkin carving
*Convincing a friend to read Neil Gaiman AND post it on his blog
*Strawberry cheesecake crepes
*Fall weddings


Trish said...

I love pumpkin carving also!! Even though we don't have kids, I still make my husband carve pumpkins with me every year. He doesn't mind because it turns into a competition. He always wins.

The crepes sound to die for!!

Alice Teh said...

Oh... you don't have to convince me to read Gaiman though. I WILL read. LOL.

Andi said...

Unggg, sushi, sushi, sushi! My favorite thing ever. And strawberry cheesecake crepes don't sound too bad either!

Melody said...

I love all the things you mentioned, Kim!
Happy Friday! :)

Aaron said...

I wouldn't say you convinced me so much as pushed me the rest of the way to doing something I was wanting to do anyway! At least about the reading part...posting the review was a different story. That was definitely something I wouldn't have thought to do without your urging. :-)

Chris said...

All of those things are indeed very cool!

Anonymous said...

Please pass the strawberry cream cheese crepes - yum!

Andrea said...

I love sushi and fall weddings too! I got married October 7, 2006. Great time of year to tie the knot! Strawberry cheesecake crepes sound amazing!