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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Recent Enjoyable

This Week's Question:

What’s the most enjoyable, most fun, most just-darn-entertaining book you’ve read recently? (Mind you, this doesn’t necessarily mean funny, since we covered that already. Just … GOOD.)

I really truly just reloved The Time Traveler's Wife, once again. It is one of those books where you really come to love the characters, and the writing, and the simplicity of the dilemma that Henry faces - he can't seem to stay in one place in time - makes the novel feel real despite the sort of science fiction element to it. It's a novel about characters and relationships and it's just an all-around good read. I think even my reading friends with extremely discriminating tastes will have trouble finding fault with it.

How about you?


Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I LOVE this book. Unfortunately my reading friends did not love it as much as I did. But I'll agrue and agrue with them that they're wrong.

ibeeeg said...

Loved this book! I seriously felt like an emotional wreck at the end. The story stays with you...

Alice said...

Oh dear, I can't believe how long that book had been in my TBR pile. I really, really need to get it out.

Oh said...

Enjoyed the TTWife. I became wrapped up in the structure, interested in hwo teh writer must have outlined this first - it could not have been a book written as she went along blithely!

Can I name an entertaining book that I've recently read? Hmmmm...probably a foodie memoir called "Shark's Fin and Sechuan Pepper." It was funny and charming.

Anonymous said...

The Time Traveler's Wife ended up being one of my favorite reads the year I read it. Although, it requires you to abandon any sense of time as you might know it. At least, in my case.