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Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Roadtrip

For the second weekend in a row, I'm off on a roadtrip to Wisconsin. This time, though, my husband, Rusty and I are venturing off to Madison, to see family for Easter. I'm hoping on the way we can stop at House on the Rock, because after learning from American Gods that it is really a portal across the space-time continuum, I just have to see it, no matter how cheesy it is.

We will be taking the trip, that is, if the weather holds up. It's looking to snow quite a bit up here, which disappoints me bitterly because last week we had 50 degree weather for a few glorious hours. I had hoped (foolishly) that it would stay nice after that. Sadly Minnesota weather is often tricky like that, flirting with warm weather, then dumping snow on us.

I doubt I will be able to do much blogging this weekend with the roadtrip, so happy early Easter, everyone.


Debi said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Kim! And I'm so jealous...the House on the Rock!

Melody said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Kim! Hope you've some wonderful stories to share once you're back... ;)

Chris said...

Happy Easter! And have a great weekend! And I join Debi's jealousies of The House on the Rock!!! Take pics!

Nymeth said...

How cool that you're going to the House on the Rock! I would totally go too if I could, I don't care if it's cheesy.

Have a wonderful trip and happy Easter!

Andi said...

Have a wonderful trip! Be safe.

Alice Teh said...

Have a great trip! Will be missing you. :)

Kim L said...

thanks everyone! I'll write more about the weekend when I get back.