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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Husband, Rusty, and I arrived safely in Madison, WI on Friday night to spend Easter with my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, my wish to see House on the Rock couldn't be granted since we were driving in a practical whiteout.

There was such a snowstorm on Friday night in Minnesota, and as luck would have it, the storm was moving towards Wisconsin along highway 94, which happened to be the route we were taking.

We passed by at least three overturned semis and we saw one truck spin out behind us on the freeway, so we were happy to make it at all.

Fellowship of the Ring kept us from going crazy on the 4 1/2 hour trip.

Since we didn't really have any Easter candy or furthermore, any kids to do an Easter egg hunt with on Sunday, we had a Puppy Treat Hunt for Rusty and my mother-in-law's dogs, Nip and Tuck.

Nip and Tuck are older than Rusty, and a little more dignified. Rusty scrambled after the treats like his life depended on it with all the puppy energy in the world. He ended up getting or stealing almost all of the treats.

I actually did manage to squeeze in a fair amount of reading on the trip, which doesn't happen often on weekends. I read House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, and finished up Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood. Reviews to follow later this week, after I've gotten a little more sleep.

Did anyone else travel or do something fun this past weekend?


Chris said...

Happy Easter to you too Kim! That snow is crazy..there's no way in hell I could drive in that. I would most certainly be one of those overturned cars :p Glad you arrived safe though. A puppy treat hunt! I love it! We'll have to do that with Buddy sometime..he'd love it :)

Melody said...

Happy Easter, Kim!
Sorry to hear about the bad weather, but am glad you all arrived safely. We went shopping over the weekends, and not surprisingly I bought some books as well. ;)

Debi said...

A puppy treat cute is that?!!

Glad you all arrived there and home safely! And can't wait to read your review of House of the Scorpion. My daughter loved it, and I've got it on at least one of my challenge lists.

Andi said...

Wow, I'm so very glad y'all got there safely. That sounds like an intense snow storm.

Didn't do anything for Easter really except step next door for a meal. However, staying home was FINE with me! I read, played with Daisy, and generally took it easy. I loooove Spring Break! :D

Kim L said...

chris-yeah if it would have been me driving, we would not have made it, but my husband is a much driver than me. I bet your dog would love the puppy treat hunt! If you do it make sure to post some pics.

melody-glad you had a nice weekend and got some new books! That is always a great use of the weekend. :-)

debi-yes I will hopefully have time to post a review tonight. It is an amazing book!

andi-spring break is awesome! I wish I still had it. I would totally veg. Its nice to have time on the weekends to spend with family and dogs.

Alice Teh said...

Happy Easter, Kim! I'm glad you travelled safely despite the weather and you've even managed to read quite a bit. Nice! The puppies are sooo adorable. :D

aaron said...

We just hung out with friends and family at various times. And watched a lot of "Heroes." We're first timers and are enjoying it! :-)

Julia said...

Hi, First thing - Happy Belated Easter! Sound like you had a long weekend trip! So glad you made it safe even through the snowstorms.

I did travel to New Orleans this weekend to visit family for Easter. We had crawfish boiled. Yummy! And came home late at night. So it was tired day

Thanks for stopping by my blog. and I hope you stop by again! Yes, it was hard to come up with six memoir meme...but I guess the one I put up just fit me better :)

Nymeth said...

wow, that sounds like a crazy storm...I'm glad you made it safely.

Puppy treat hunt...I love the sound of that :D

I look forward to reading your thoughts on those books you finished.

Kim L said...

alice-thank you! It was a great weekend!

aaron-good, I'm glad you're liking Heroes. I like the first season pretty well.

julia-yum, sounds like good food! I'm sure I'll stop by again :-)

nymeth-it felt like we just barely made it there! And yes, the puppy treat hunt was fun!