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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Few Random Things

If you like movies, here is a fun movie quote quiz that a friend of mine is hosting. It is a challenging one, so those of you who are movie buffs go and test your mettle. Even if you aren't a movie buff, chances are you'll be able to get a few. So what are you waiting for? Go try it.

So we finally decided where to go to celebrate my new job! Husband and I ended up going for sushi on Thursday night. We went to a little restaurant called Sushi Tango, and it was fabulous! We had scallops, spicy tuna, and striped seabass. Then we impulsively decided to drive around to look for a place to get dessert. We ended up going to a coffee shop that also serves crepes. Crepes!! I had a nutella crepe, which if I may say, is the most fantabulous delectable chocolately hazelnutty goodness this side of heaven. Then to top it off, some friends came to visit from out of town and they took us out to an Irish pub. So I ended up getting to celebrate twice. On Saturday I also had a great shopping success and have outfitted myself for the new job.

I was tagged by Eva for 10 Signs I've Written a Book, so here are the features of my future book (I think those are the rules?):
1. It will be science fiction or fantasy.
2. The main character will most likely be female. I find that I don't write male characters whenever I'm jotting down my story, I probably need more work there.
3. If I go the sci-fi route it will be some sort of adventure story. I have a lot of work to do on my action writing, though.
4. If I go the fantasy route, it will be involve magic of some kind, but it will be subtle, not Harry Potter style magic.
5. Right now I'm trying to hone my character-writing skills, so no matter what route I go, it will have interesting, rounded characters.
6. My future book will have a really interesting title. Like The Flying Monkey Warriors of Dol-ca-Set. Or something like that. Or maybe not like that at all.
7. My book, if fantasy, will probably be a retelling of a fairy tale. I love those! I would love to try my hand at one.
8. If I go the sci-fi route, the main characters will be teenagers. I want to know their take on living in the futuristic world I'm going to create for them.
9. My book will probably be rejected by at least 57 different publishing houses
10. But I will keep sending it in anyway. And it will be published eventually.

Tag you're it! I tag aaron, rhinoa, and debi. Feel free to participate as time and desire allows.

Oh, and I may have to write my book during nanowrimo this year. The idea of a whole book in one month sounds super-overwhelming, but it seems lots of people have done it, so why not me? Chris from Stuff as Dreams Are Made of has been telling me all about doing it last year. I'm not going to lie, it sounds kinda exciting. Let the research and outlines begin!!


Aaron said...

Hey, thanks for the link-up! Come on, everyone, take the movie quotes quiz! ;-)

And I'll have to give those rules some thought...


Chris said...

Doesn't nutella rock? My girlfriend introduced me to it a few months ago and it's addicting! Glad y'all had a good celebratory night!

Loved your answers for the 10 signs meme...Love the title that you came up with! I'd love the read that book based on the title alone ;) I always have to have a bit of magic in whatever I write...I don't know if it's because I like fantasy or if it's because it lets me do whatever I want :p Maybe it's both...And I'll definitely be sending my book out 57+ times too, lol.

Go NaNoWriMo!

Melody said...

That's a fun meme, isn't it?! LOL. Enjoyed reading your reply, Kim. And you will love NaNoWriMo, kinda stressful to finish it in a month's time but hey it's fun. ;)

Kim L said...

aaron-no prob. Like I said, what about an honorary title? :-)

chris-OMG I love nutella. I picked up the habit while studying abroad in Spain. When we have it at home, my husband makes this amazing nutella/banana breakfast sandwich.

When are you going to start sending out your book? Have you posted any of it on your blog?

Melody-It is a fun meme! It is fun to imagine my future book. And yes, I have no doubt it will be stressful. Getting into the habit of blogging, reading, and writing daily is definitely good practice though.

Chris said...

Ok, so now I have to ask what exactly the nutella and banana goes on for the sandwich because I want one! Just plain bread or does he use something special? I posted very extremely unedited excerpts on my nano site but I haven't posted any of my book on my blog. I still have to edit it before I send it out. It needs a lot of work. I've only really edited the first 3 chapters so far, and I'm really happy with those. NaNo is all about getting your word count, so they suggest not going back and worrying about editing later which is rough at first, but it's really the way you have to do it to succeed! So needless to say, I have to finish editing it before I'm comfortable releasing it to the world. I may post what I've edited soon though as a sneak peak ;)

Debi said...

Don't let Chris fool you...even his unedited excerpts were truly fantastic! And I'm not just saying that because I consider him a friend and all-around great guy. It's a fabulous story (at least judging by the bits he let us read)!

And judging by your weekend fiction, you are a fantastic writer, too! You really should do NaNoWriMo. My 10-year-old daughter did it last year, and though I know there were times when she struggled, she found it so worthwhile.

As for tagging me, I think the biggest clue that I'd written a book would be that I'd died and been reincarnated as someone with talent. Oh, how I wish I could write, but frankly I suck. See...I seem to lack a certain eloquence, wouldn't you say?

Kim L said...

chris-my husband says you take plain white bread, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on the outside, put nutella and banana on the inside, and fry it on the griddle. Click Here

You'd better post some excerpts, I would really enjoy reading them! Keep plugging along on the editing!!

debi-well I'm a bit humbled knowing that Annie did nanowrimo at age 10. At age 10, I wanted to be writer, but I never would have attempted to write an entire book. Wow!.

And as far as sucking at writing, I don't believe you. I enjoy reading your posts, and you are a very articulate person. So that means you are a good writer! Even if you don't write fiction, you are good at reviewing books and telling stories about you and your family. So maybe the hypothetical book you write will be about your family.

Andi said...

What fun! I love sushi, and a Nutella crepe sounds delectable! My mouth is watering. I might have to go have sushi TODAY!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by J. Kaye's Book Blog and leaving a comment! :-D Love meeting new booklovers.

Kim L said...

andi-go get sushi! I think it is my new favorite restaurant. If only I had the money to eat there all the time...

j kaye-no problem. I'm sure I'll be back!

Eva said...

this was fun to read! I'm not a fiction writer, but I admire everyone who is. :)

And on the Nutella thread, when I was in southern Russia, I could never find peanut butter, but Nutella was always right there on the shelf! So yummy, even if my host family thought I was crazy. :D

Kim L said...

eva-same thing when I was studying abroad in spain. some of us were forewarned, so we brought peanut butter with us. We had kind of a peanut butter black market, because when we would go on trips, everyone wanted pb&j's for the trip. But I did learn to love nutella as well.

Andy said...

So, does writing an outline mean your cheating? Or, does only the text need to be written out in a month. If that is the case you should get a good digital recorder and send it off to be transcribed that month :) That would make it a piece of cake. Why not two books in one month :P

Kim L said...

andy, ha ha. Yes I believe you can do outlines, just no actual writing until the deadline.

Giulia said...

I think everyone who goes to Europe ends up falling in love with Nutella. =)

I should try making that sandwich sometime.