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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Rest Falls Away

Author: Colleen Gleason
Rating: 3.5/5
Challenge: The heck of it

Thanks to strong recommendations from Chris and Carl V, I did something I don't believe I've ever done in my life before. I entered the romance section of the library and picked up a book. I checked it out.

Thanks in part to a nasty stomach virus, I read this book instead of working yesterday and today. What did I think of my first foray into the romance section of the library?

This book does have some of the same conventions that annoy me about romance novels: a heroine that is entirely too modern-day for her time period, the age old choice between the dashing, wealthy man and the sexy loner, the racy sex scenes.

However, Gleason gives our heroine an excellent reason for her independent, modern attitude. She's a vampire-hunter in training, and between attending swanky balls she has to constantly make excuses in order to kick some vampire butt.

Victoria Grantworth learns that her family has a long legacy of vampire hunting, and accepts her role at first with little thought as to the consequences. Throughout the course of the book she learns that even though she is endowed with extraordinary strength to match that of the vampires, there will be sacrifices in this fight. Her love life, for example. Would the dashing Marquess of Rockley love her still if he knew she kills vampires for fun? Victoria has to decide. And although there is some (unsubtle) sexual tension between her and Max, the sexy loner I mentioned before (who also happens to be a vampire hunter), the author wisely doesn't force the situation to become sappy.

Consider it a strong endorsement that a NON-ROMANCE READER managed to relax into this book and enjoy it for what it is. I can't think of any other romance I've ever picked up and managed to read more than a few pages of. I will most likely even read the sequel. So go. Pick it up. There is fun to be had in this book.


The Story Siren said...

i like a good paranormal romance every once in a while. i will have to check this one out.

Melody said...

Kim, I hope you feel better soon!! Glad that you enjoyed the book, I have this series sitting in my pile for quite some time, just haven't got around to reading them. Your review reminds me I'd better get to it soon, hehe...

Kim L said...

story siren-if you already like this genre, I'm sure you'll get even more out of this book than me.

melody-thank you! Two days later I am feeling much better. Hopefully fully recovered soon. Yes, I'm sure you'll like these books.

Chris said...

I hope you keep getting better! Trust me when I say that the second book is a trillion times better than the first book! That's not to say that I didn't like The Rest Falls Away...I really enjoyed it, but Rises the Night was such a fun read and she really steps it up and takes it to a whole new level. I think you'll like it much more ;)

Bellezza said...

I had the same experience; almost embarrassment at going to the Romance section for the first time ever! I did like this book, but I thought the sequel (Rises The Night) even better. Now, I'm planning on buying the third volume just released this month. It captures you, in an unexpected way, doesn't it?

Kim L said...

chris-I have the second book checked out, I will probly get to it sometime before it is completely overdue. I'm glad to hear it gets even better. Because I just couldn't stand it if it got worse.

belleza-It captures you, in an unexpected way.

That is certainly true. I was drawn into the story despite my misgivings!

Andrea said...

I just got this book at the library. I reserved it and had to go to the pickup station to retrieve it so I didn't have to venture into the romance section! I'm glad you liked it and you also aren't crazy about romances. I like romances every once in awhile for easy but interesting reads and it sounds like this will be perfect for my needs.

Kim L said...

andrea-you'll probably like it even more than I did. Which is cool!