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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend Fiction Break: Snatch

Spotted Snatch peeking around my shoulder just earlier this morning but couldn’t quite get at him to grab and shake some sense into him. Have tried my best to warn Sitsit and Coffee about danger from Snatch, but I sense that they don’t understand me. Snatch shows his ugly head and I know left alone he’ll sneak into their beds and strangle them so I try grabbing him. He is quick, so I chase him. Sitsit and Coffee have seen Snatch too, but they just sound playful.

Getting more paranoid. He’s not there when I’m eating and drinking, but when I’m in bed resting I see him in front of me, tall and white. He wraps himself around my face and I can’t talk or breathe. He makes this low menacing sound and that’s how I know Sitsit and Coffee are in danger. Struggle to talk and then Snatch disappears. I look around the room to see where he has gone, but everything smells normal. He disappears so quickly I can never see where he goes to.

Snatch winks at me and then tries to disappear but this time I see him and I grab. He winks again so I follow but he keeps out of my reach. I grab and spin. I have nothing but a single hair. I taste the hair in my mouth, but Snatch found some way to smell exactly like me. I keep looking, though. He likes to sneak up from the back.

Sitsit and Coffee are home now and they are sitting on the No No. I am talking to them but they don’t smell playful. So instead I am chewing and smelling. There is another smell by the No No. Snatch. I’m chasing him as fast as I have ever run before, and I clamp down. I have him in my mouth, so I shake him to make sure he stays away from Sitsit and Coffee. It hurts me to clamp down. I don’t know why. I hear Sitsit and Coffee making the playful noise again and I drop Snatch to look up. They are squeezing their eyes shut and shaking. I watch them carefully, but they don’t seem to understand that I’ve saved the day again from Snatch. Then Sitsit puts food in my dish and I eat. We go outside to walk. I don’t see Snatch.


Debi said...

Oh Kim, this was fabulous! I hate to admit that it took me until the third paragraph to get it, and then of course, I was compelled to go back and read it all again. Simply wonderful!

I know I've said it before, but I absolutely love your weekend fiction break!

Andy said...

**SPOILER ALERT** yeah it all comes into context when you realize sit sit is what Kim says and coffee is what I drink, no no is what we say when are little dog sits on the couch. I'll leave you to figure out what snatch is, but this one had me rolling on the floor when I first read it. Any dog lover can appreciate it.