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Friday, February 15, 2008

Office Still Life

In honor of my 2nd to last Friday at the present job, I present Office Still Life. Those of you who have office jobs, admit it. I don't care how busy you are, you've had a moment where you were bored. out. of. your. mind.

And you thought seriously about what could pass the time a little quicker. I offer you this, my friend: pictures pass the time. Pictures of office supplies, arranged artistically. Truly, I feel a revolution in art form coming on. It's hip and trendy, yet harkens back to the days of yore, when a bowl of fruit, tastefully composed, could become high art. I feel a photo contest coming on. Opinions?

I call it "Springing out of words".

This one is creatively entitled: "Jewel-Go-Round"

Am I the only one who has ever been struck by the muses to photograph office supplies?


Debi said...

Oh, you're too funny! But those photos are pretty darn cool!

Alice Teh said...

They're very cool, Kim! Well shot! :)

Andi said...

I don't think I've photographed office supplies, but I have to's a darn good idea! If only I had my camera with me TODAY!

Chris said...

These are really great! All humor aside (and this post had me laughing out loud) you take great photos and you're great at composition!

aaron said...

I have not been struck by that muse, but I would participate in such a photo contest!

Just say when...

Giulia said...

Kim, I think you just challenged Lauryn to a duel (should she read this post). ;)

Anonymous said...

I admire anyone who can take nice photos. They say it's the camera. I say, it's the person. I've had a good camera and the photos were sad, oh so very sad.

Hubby is an office person. He plays chess when he has a free moment.

Anonymous said...

I once posted a picture from my office - an colorful array of sticky note flags adorning my overhead cubbby.

And who says office work isn't creative??

Dark Orpheus said...

This is art. :)

But yeah. Sometimes I'm bored out of my skull and I just whip up my camera phone and I take pictures.

I also have a beanie bear at my desk, so things get done to him that are just plain brutal.

Melody said...

I think they are great, Kim! Very creative. :D