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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm continuing a theme this week. I'm too tired after work and dinner out with friends to write anything cohesive, so I'm doing a photo montage of Rusty's tricks instead.

Rusty is demonstrating the basic Sit technique. The cuteness in his eyes that makes it impossible to deny him anything comes extra.

Lie Down. The difference between this and Sit sometimes gets confusing, but once he figures it out, he does it so eagerly.

He's gotten really good at Wait. He gets so intent on resisting the treat that he will back away as you bring it closer to his nose. Up until he hears the magic word: Okay. Then he'll snatch it up in a second.

Okay, I promise something book-related tomorrow. After I run to stop Rusty, who's chewing up the carpet over the in the corner right now.


Melody said...

Thanks for sharing, Kim! I really enjoyed viewing Rusty's pics. He's soooo adorable and so well disciplined. If only my in-laws' dog is like him...Ssh..don't tell them that I said this! LOL.

Debi said...

How old is Rusty? Goodness, but he's a cutie! When our dog's too excited about something, he tends to get Sit and Down confused, too.

Nymeth said...

He really has the cutest puppy eyes. There's something about the eyes of puppies and kittens that just makes me melt inside.

Chris said...

That dog is so cute! And so well behaved! No rush on abandoning the puppy posts...I'm loving them :)

Alice Teh said...

You make me want to go get a pet this instant... Rusty is absolutely cute. CUTE! :D

Kim L said...

melody-glad you liked them! Hehee I won't ruin your secret.

debi-he's 7 months. He's learning!

nymeth-I agree! His expressions just make me want to scoop him up. He's not always in the mood to be picked up though.

chris-I'm sure there will be more pics in the future!

alice-they are supposed to make you happier and more content in life. When I feel down, puppy kisses sure brighten my day. I say, if you have the space and money, pets are great!