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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bookclub Letdown

Today was a bookclub letdown. Le sigh.

I selected Neverwhere for this month, and then I didn't even end up liking it that much. Of our normally lively group, only four of us were able to make it, and only one other person besides myself read it.

Sorry Neil Gaiman, I did not make any new fans for you this month.


Alice Teh said...

Sorry to know that Neverwhere didn't work for you... I like it though...

Trish said...

Ya--hard to have a discussion if no one's read the book! Our third meeting was on Monday and there were five of us--two had only read half the book (Eat Pray Love). There were definitely some strained parts to the discussion. Hopefully next month is better for you! What is your next book?

Andi said...

Aww! It happens to the best of us. Or so I tell myself. I've picked some that went over like a lead balloon in my f2f's before.

Debi said...

Ooo...that does sound like a letdown. Hope next month is much more rewarding.