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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Am Such a Mean Mommy

At the Renaissance Festival last weekend, I completely bought him a pirate hat for Rusty AHA (Against Husbandly Advice) because it was so damn cute on him. Rusty did not care for it very much and tried to do everything in his power to dislodge it. So very naturally, I made him wear it in a pet costume contest.

Rusty won a bag of dog treats and after consuming all of the dog treats and heaven knows how many turkey skins (because you can't go to the Renaissance Festival without eating a turkey leg), Rusty woke the next morning in extreme gastric distress. I'm not sure who was more miserable, Rusty or us after waking up at 4 am to clean him up. I comforted husband with the reassurance that "at least we'll be prepared for kids, right?" At 4 am, I don't think he was as reassured by this as I had hoped.
From Bold. Blue. Adventure.


Amanda said...

O I totally understand! I thought the same thing when we got Charlie (my dog) as a puppy. He was a horribly needy puppy. But on the upside that pirate hat on Rusty is sooo cute. And you can use it for Halloween too :)

Trish said...

Ha ha--I would have done the same thing! We have a chocolate lab and I got her a dinasour costume last year for halloween. Unfortunately it looked like the dino was um, you know what to the dog because it was too small, so it wasn't a keeper. I'll have to post pictures when it gets to be closer to Halloween.

Melody said...

Rusty looks sooo adorable with that hat!

Poor little thing! I hope he's ok now.

Alice Teh said...

Oh dear... I hope Rusty is OK now. He is such a darling. He's too cute. Too cute.

mariel said...

aw, i hope rusty is feeling better. i'd love to go to a renaissance fair! looks like so much fun!

Debi said...

Well, he does look mighty cute in the hat...
Hope the little sweetie is feeling better now!

Nymeth said...

Poor Rusty! I hope he's doing better. And he does look extremely cute in that hat.