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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Normally I jump all over the memes I get tagged for, but somehow I've managed to fall seriously behind. So here ya go.

Although I was completely lame and didn't participate in Book Blogger Appreciation Week, Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness mentioned my blog as one of the blogs she loves to read. She mentioned her review of Watchmen, which I linked here (it was a really great review). Thanks Kim, and right back atcha! Kim recently moved from the Twin Cities, my hometown to Madison, Husband's hometown. But the million dollar question Kim... are you a Gopher or a Badgers fan??

Kim and Trish also tagged me with the Why I Blog Meme.
1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively
2. Link back to the person who tagged you
3. Link back to this parent post
4. Tag a few friends or five, or none at all (and inform them about it)
5. Post these rules— or just have fun breaking them.
So my answers:
  1. Okay so my little blog was birthed on December 29, 2007. I've always loved reading, but it's become sort of this thing that I do. All. The. Time. Would ya'll quit giving me such great book recs? I have a tbr pile to last me for five lifetimes.
  2. So I have this beast called Google Reader that I continually try to tame. It's because I've found so many dang good bloggers and I just want to follow them all.
  3. Outside of work hours, you'll pretty much find me reading, writing, or blogging. Well you won't see me, on account of the fact my place is a MESS and I just cannot have any visitors over.
  4. So I used to like to write, then I went to this magical place called college, filled with weeks of this form of torture called "researching". It involved hours slumped over a computer screen trying desperately not to bang my head against the desk. After four years of said torture, sadly my love of writing kind of dissapated. Blogging has helped me to rekindle said love and although I happen to be researching at the moment, I've only banged my head once or twice.
  5. When I decided to start my blog, I was in a bit of a slump. For a number of reasons, I was coming home from work and just sitting around because I didn't feel like doing anything else. I finally decided that my cure was to find a hobby. After trying on a few for size, I finally settled on blogging. It wasn't long after I got the blog up and going that my husband started commenting how much happier I seemed. It seems I may have traded a TV addiction for an internet one, but I'd like to point out there is a definitive study somewhere (I know I read it online) that my brain cells are firing at a much higher rate when I blog than when I watch TV. Or something like that.
If you haven't done this one yet, consider yourself tagged.

Okay, now onto awards! You'll like this part, I promise, because this time I'm actually going to remember to pass them on to other people, not just brag that I received them.

Thanks to Trish from Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'? for awarding me the Supercommenter Award. I just have to say, it's hard not to comment when you post such hilarious and random thoughts, interspersed with fantastic book reviews.

Okay, here are just a few of the great supercommenters on my blog:

Trish's Book Nook
Tripping Towards Lucidity
Alice Teh
Nothing of Importance

Melody also passed along the I Heart Your Blog Award and the Proximidade Award to me.

EDIT: And I completely missed that Trish of Trish's Reading Nook also gave me this award. Aw shucks!!

Thanks so much Melody! You've been a reader of my blog pretty much since I started and I love reading your comments.

Let me pass this one on to:
The Deus ex machina complex and other theories
Bloggin' 'Bout Books
A Striped Armchair
Becky's Book Reviews
Blue Archipelago
Reading Room

Alright, you might be wondering about what the Proximidade Award is. Here's the scoop:

To translate the gift from Portuguese to English, it means: "This blog invests and believes, the proximity" [meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' -being close through proxy]. They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize, and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut, or that they propagate? Then let’s try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to 8 bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.

Isn't that sweet? Let me pass that one on to:
Stephanie's Confessions of a Bookaholic
Stuff as Dreams Are Made of
The Ax for the Frozen Sea
The Inside Cover
Ravenous Reader


Andi said...

Thank you, dahlin'! You're a suuuuper duper commenter, too!

Alice Teh said...

Thanks very much, Kim! You really made my morning! :D

DesLily said...

Wow, thank you very much! I try to at least read my list of blogs each and every day!

Trish said...

Thanks Kim!! And did you scroll down to the bottom my that meme post of mine where I also awarded you the I Heart Your Blog?? I'm behind on my blogging since being out of town this weekend so I'm not sure who's been by yet.

Bookfool said...

I am so lame when it comes to blogging awards and memes. I hate singling anyone out and I *forget* about them. Horrible. I loved your meme answers. And, thank goodness I'm not the only one who can't have anyone over because my house is a pit. So pleased to find someone like-minded. We read, we blog, we put off the housework . . .

Anonymous said...

Since I didn't go to the Twin Cities campus (I went to a teeny, tiny coordinate campus), Madison is the first school I've been at with an actual, honest-to-goodness, competing football team. So, Badger football, but I'll always love Gopher hockey :)


Becca said...

Aw, thanks for the award AND for commenting on my blogs :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kim! I haven't seen this award before, but I'm honored to be in proximity with such great readers and writers!

Chris said...

Thank you so much for the award Kim :) I agree 100 % that you deserve all of those awards. You put a smile on my face!

Nymeth said...

Thank you so much, Kim :D I love your blog too! And I love your answers to the meme.

Chris said...

Aw, thanks! I will get this one up soon.

You deserve them all.

Susan said...

Thanks so much, Kim! You're so sweet. It's always nice to know your work is appreciated :)

L.L. Barkat said...

Blogging is good for the brain...

oh, I like that one.

Susan said...

I like the housekeeping remark!! Yes, there are times no one can come over, because I've blogged all weekend instead of doing housework!! Yaay, I'm not the only one!!! lol You deserve all the awards, you are a great commentator and a big part of this community too, Kim!!

gautami said...

Thanks Kim for passing one of the awards to me. ! You deserve it all.

My acknowledgement

Rhinoa said...

Thanks for the award Kim. I hope you had a good weekend.

Melody said...

You're most welcome, Kim, and very well-deserved! :)

Well, I need some time to catch up on everyone's blogs since I've been going hiatus for a while... ;P