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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost there... *gasps for breath*

Yes, I am finally limping towards 50,000 for nanowrimo. Why are the last few thousand words the absolute hardest? Oh yeah, because I changed the concept three times and now I'm just treading water until nanowrimo is over and I can undo my missteps.


Trish said...

Woohoo! And still a week to go!

Andi said...

Yayyy! Doing the happy dance for you!

Andrea said...

You can do it!

Rhinoa said...

You can do it!

Some shameless self promotion coming up... I am hosting my first challenge in 2009 and would like it if you could check it out. It's the Manga Challenge and should be a nice easy way to try something new.

Eva said...

Go Kim! Go Kim! Go Kim! ;)