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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I hit the half-way mark last night on my nanonovel. Yup, 25,000 words in let's see... 12 days? So let's see. That's 2083 words per day. I am ordinarily horrible about getting bogged down in trying to edit and revise before I let myself get far enough on a story, and there has been a time or two when I have had to REALLLLLLLY force myself not to even reread what I just wrote for fear I'll delete the whole thing (thus destroying my word count).

In other news, I learned yesterday that the grocery delivery service in my area DOES. NOT. DELIVER. TO. APARTMENTS.

I had just gotten all excited about trying a grocery delivery service because of how much I completely and utterly hate grocery shopping, when I learned that they only deliver to apartments of the type that have a concierge-type-person to accept the groceries for you. Which, my building, of course, does not have. For a whole day, I thought I might never have to grocery shop again.

It would be real handy to have grocery delivery this month, because I literally and figuratively have no food in the house.


Melody said...

Keep it up, Kim!! :D

Bookfool said...

Way to go!!!! You're doing fantastic!!!!

Lezlie said...

Congratulations on the writing! And *huge* bummer about the grocery delivery service. I use one in the winter, and it's a total sanity-saver!


Amanda said...

Aww. I totally understand. I hate grocery shopping as well. AND I have to walk quite a few blocks which is annoying sometimes.

Chris said...

Awesome totals for NaNo! You'll pass 50,000 easily :) And bummer about the grocery service...that really would have been nice!

Trish said...

Goooo Kim! I love grocery shopping, it's just GETTING there.

Anyway, you are rockin' right along with the Nano! Woohoo!

Nymeth said...

Go Kim! You're doing so well!

And that's really too bad about the delivery system.

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on being so far ahead on your word count. What are your plans for the novel once you finish?


Andi said...

Booo! That grocery delivery service is discriminating against apartment dwellers! Booo!

As for the book...awesome work! I bow down before your greatness.

Kim L said...

melody-aw thanks!

bookfool-thank you!

lezlie-Amen to my sanity being saved. I need what I can get.

amanda-walking to get groceries isn't bad... until December hits. Then it sucks on a whole new level.

chris-thanks, and you should take some responsibility for introducing me to nanowrimo

greyskyeyes-revise, revise, revise, improve my craft, make it marketable.

andi-thank you. I accept your tribute :-)

Anonymous said...

you're at 25K already! Bravo. Not gonna say where I am, but I'm hard at it today.

Giulia said...

Concierge person? Those are some hoity-toity apartments! Sheesh!