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Friday, November 14, 2008

On Why I Hate Grocery Shopping

I mentioned yesterday I hate grocery shopping.

Today my husband and I had our cart of groceries at the local Cub (the big box warehouse-type store). We ran all of our groceries through the cashier.

And then husband realized he'd left his wallet at home. I don't bring my purse along when we grocery shop together.

So my hated trip ended up lasting an extra half hour as husband raced home and back to pay for the said groceries.

Who else needs an alcoholic beverage tonight? I'm providing the margaritas. (Teehee, I can't wait until tomorrow to see what I wrote for my nanowrimo novel under the influence of strawberry margaritas).


Trish said...

Oh no!! Well, I hope you enjoy the ritas anyway...sounds delish. What time? ;P

Andi said...

This sounds just like something I would do. Something I'm terrified of doing, in fact. Enjoy those margaritas!

Bookfool said...

I've done that by myself and had to go home for money. I discovered, though, that if you ask it's possible to get someone to put food in a cold area and hold it, for you.