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Monday, November 3, 2008

Nanoinsanity Day 3

Wordcount: 1979 today, 8885 total
Mental Abilities: Surviving
Random Thoughts: So close to the 2000 word mark. Yet those extra 21 words elude me.
Where I Am: The Feast of St. Antuan. The middle of a parade, about to head into the market.

I heard this morning that my embedded comment form is causing headaches, and when I went to put some comments, I noticed myself that things weren't quite kosher. So I've switched back to the ole full-page comment system, and am sincerely hoping that Blogger fixes the embedded comment form because it looks so much cooler, and I can be more like Wordpress blogs.


Trish said...

Honestly, the one thing that drives me CRAZY about wordpress blogs is that I don't know how to do follow up comments without subscribing to all of the comments on that person's blog!! I never go back to see if the person responded because I forget (or am too lazy...!), but I wish I knew how to do this. So rock on blogger for making follow up comments easy...

Oh, and Rock On Kim for NaNoWriMo--you'll get those 21 words!!

Debi said... I can comment again!

And wow, Kim, you are really kicking some NaNoWriMo butt there! Keep it up...I just know you're going to finish!

Melody said...

Keep it up, Kim! :)