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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quick! Mental Break

Okay, I'm taking a mental break right now from my nanowrimo novel to think about something other than the strange forest hidden under my protag's bed.


Okay, I'm going to tell you why, when attempting to write 50,000 words in one month, it is a bad idea to pick up Old Man's War by John Scalzi. Although innocent in appearance, seeming to look like little more than an innocuous science fiction paperback, this little tome is actually a Procrasto-zilla in disguise.

I began said book last night after I had finished what I supposed to be all I could possibly write for the day. This morning, instead of merrily beginning my writing on schedule, I found myself instead unable. to. avoid. reading. book.

Those were precious minutes, folks, that I could have been writing you know. If only I could have broken myself away from it's firm grip on my imagination in time. If only.


Alyce said...

I'm not participating in nanowrimo, but I can so relate to your predicament! I'll have to take a look at "Old Man's War" - it's nice to have some good procrastination material around the house.

Good luck with your writing! I'm intrigued by the strange forest hidden under the protag.'s bed.

Renay said...

HA HA, another victim at the altar of Scalzi! At least you wasted those minutes on a good cause!

Chris said...

Oh, I have this one sitting on my shelf! Perhaps it's time it came off of the shelf and I read it! Carl gave me this one last Christmas :)

Trish said...

Procrasto-zilla--I LOVE it! Haven't heard of the book, but I would probably be in the same boat as you. My sister, who is working on her nano for the first year, is having some troubles also. I went over to her place the other day and she showed me how she taught herself to play Paperbag by Fiona Apple on the piano without sheet music (basically sounded out the song). Yup, she's the princess of procrastination.

Ruth said...

I'm not doing nanowrimo this year either. I was going to but I can procrastinate enough already when writing non-fiction. Adding a novel to the mix right now would just be fodder for a month of no income. :) There is hope though... I found this really cool site where you can bury dead dreams and the bad habits that help to kill them. It's over at My Dream Is Dead But I'm Not if you want to take a look at this budding community of writers.

Susan said...

Don't you hate that when a really good book interferes with writing plans? I find myself waylaid the more I try to write! Which just means my resistance is equal to my desire....I may have to check out that writing site one of your commentators left the link to!