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Monday, July 28, 2008

A Long Story About Blog Awards

I had a long weekend. It started out on a bad note when I showed up on Saturday to a family baby shower. I realized that I was the only one there, and the lights were off inside the house. As it turned out, the shower had been canceled and if I had listened to my voicemail before leaving, I would have not driven an hour for said baby shower.

On Sunday, husband and I packed up for another hour long trip to my parent's house for a family birthday party. We arrived, and had a similar experience. Lights off, no one around. As it turns out, we had gone to the wrong location. The party was actually at my grandma's house, an hour away from our present location. After we drove to the party, we then finally went home (which happens to be another hour away).

This did not make for a happy or economical weekend. In both these situations, the common element was family, and therefore I blame everything on them. I refuse to accept responsibility for not checking my voicemails and/or forgetting the location of said birthday party.

Anyhow. So amidst all of this, there was a highlight, in which husband I and were able to visit some good friends, and we arrived on the correct day, at the correct time. After eating dinner, we all got to chatting, and eventually we all got around to talking about blogging. Both friends have been blogging rather longer than I have and now my husband has (finally!) forayed into the blogging world.

It occurred to me later (much to my shame) that I have never so much as added any of them to my blogroll. So henceforth, there is a section of my blogroll dedicated to my "IRL friends", and today I'm going to tell you why they are so cool.

They are so cool, in fact, that I'm passing on this award to them. (Letters on Pages nominated me for this one originally here.) Yes, they are all brillante.

Let me start with my husband. You've come to know and love him already from my anecdotes about him, but let me introduce you to the man. The myth. The legend. My husband is an unabashed foodie and thusly his blog has a foodie bent to it. But if you pop over there right now, you'll find he actually has a book review up at the moment. So if you've read Collapse by Jared Diamond or think that sounds like an interesting book, leave him a comment and I promise, you will make his day. To intrigue you further, let me just quote from his header, because as I commented to him the other day it sums things up so nicely:

Any midwestern grillhouse is a great place to share not only great food, but great people and great ideas. Let's share.

Doesn't that just make you want to read more? Okay, I know I'm biased and all, but really, I think it sounds cool.

Nextly, I can't say enough good things about Lauryn. She lived with me in college and despite that, still considers me a friend. She and Aaron (more about him next) are extremely good cooks and every time we visit them, they always make some extremely scrumptious dish. Lauryn is now sharing all her awesomest recipes at White Kitchen. I'm awaiting the recipe for the amazing chicken pot pie they made for us this past weekend, myself. Honestly, the thought of it makes my mouth water.

Okay, so now on to Aaron. He is just cool because without him getting after me, I probably would not have joined the Graphic Novel challenge (which would have been a tragic mistake as I loves it muchly). He is a big fan of graphic novels, movies (don't try to take him on in Scene-It. You will die.), and the silly/absurd. (Thanks to Aaron I am aware of such things as Steampunk Star Wars and the I. Beat Blaxx mp3 player. I'm trying very hard to talk him into becoming more of a book blogger, so if you march right over there and ask him to post a review of Stardust and American Gods (he's read or reading them both right now), I'd be much obliged.

Lastly, but not leastly is someone else who has managed to live with me and is alive today to tell the tale. I'm pretty sure that Giulia was born the wrong nationality, because she has such a love and interest in all things Russian. At her blog, Storytellerg, she's been going strong for four whole years now, blogging about life, friends, family, and Russia. So go, wish her a happy blogiversary here.

And so my friends, I have passed on the blogging award. There are strings attached to it:

1. Put the award logo on the post
2. Link back to the person who nominated you
3. Nominate 7 other blogs
4. Add links to your nominees
5. Leave a message on their blogs

But I hope you can live with that.


Debi said...

Sounds like you have lovely friends, Kim! I haven't read Collapse, but my hubby has--he's a big Jared Diamond fan--so I'll tell him to pop over. Not that he'll necessarily listen to me ;)

Andi said...

What fun! Have already commented on your hubby's Japanese cuisine post, and I'll be off to visit the others ASAP.

Giulia said...

Thanks Kim! Perhaps I'll get around to that in the next post or two. ;)

And yes, I wouldn't mind switching out my being Polish for Russian. Just don't make me give up my precious Italianess!

Kim L said...

debi-those husbands sometimes :-)

andi-thanks for stopping by his blog, it always means a lot when you're a new blogger!

g-oh goodie!