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Friday, July 18, 2008

On Writing

I've had a writing itch this week. I've been making more and more use out of Google Docs, which is basically a stripped down version of Word. The really cool thing is that my stories are then saved online, so wherever I have internet, I have time to write. Instead of surfing the net during my downtime at work, I can write. This is good. My goal this year is to write more. Especially since nanowrimo is coming up and I promised myself I would try it this year. (Hyperventilates).

Where I am in my writing? I am writing about people, places, and things. I'm rewriting Sleeping Beauty's story to see what would happen if she had been cursed with eternal wakefulness first before the lengthy nap. I'm imagining "what if I was a ten-year-old girl who could be invisible?" I'm taking the opening line that popped into my head one day: "It was exactly 12 'o clock noon when I almost committed suicide" and seeing what story pops out of it.

I'm trying to take the most important rule of being a writer to heart, which is "WRITE!!" It is scary to write. It is scary to write about my writing. I flounder a lot. I scribble out what I think must have been the dumbest thing ever more times than I want to say. But sometimes I reread what I've written and I'm happy with it. And that, I suppose is what keeps me at it.


DesLily said...

hey, good luck with the writing!! I've never done the nanowrimo but i did write a fantasy trilogy story a few years back and I still go and tinker with it now and then. I'll watch you when you do the nano!

Trish said...

I believe it takes an incredibly brave person to write--and especially to put it out in public. I used to jot down little poems, but as I read more and more realized that I knew less and less. :) Good luck with your experiences--they sound like great starts!!

Debi said...

I'm so glad you're making time for your writing, Kim! You are so talented that it's just a shame for you NOT to write!

Alice Teh said...

Happy writing, Kim! Keep sharing your experience with us, ya. :)

Melody said...

I hope you'll share your story with us once it is completed!!! Good luck and happy writing, Kim! :)

Kim L said...

Thank you everyone for your comments! I appreciate it so much.