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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictures That Are Worth 1000 Words

Rusty was the most excited participant in the family reunion that husband and I went to last weekend. There were more people to lick and kids to pet him than he could shake a paw at. Rusty vied all morning for "Cutest Little Thing Ever" with the baby you can see in the picture. Eventually, though, the stress of being so damn cute got to both of them and they both fell asleep. On top of each other.

I brought two books along with me for the weekend, but no luck getting into them. I am still working on Farworld and I thought I'd want to start I Am Legend.

Looks like I'll be setting both of those books aside though, because I just got an email from my library that World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie Wars was in for me. My IRL bookclub picked that for next month, for which I am eternally grateful, because I've been looking for an excuse to read it anyhow.

I'm suggesting the books for next month, and I'm trying to decide what book to suggest. I want to introduce people to a type of book they might not read otherwise, so I seriously considered suggesting a graphic novel. However I think the group would rebel, as World War Z was pretty edgy for everyone. So maybe I'll suggest some fantasy. I have been on a Neil Gaiman kick lately, but I don't know if everyone gets his style. Plus, I've read like eight books by him in the last few months. I guess the other category that I could introduce everyone to is YA. What good YA books would appeal to adults who don't necessary think that they would like YA? Hmmm... must contemplate.


Alice Teh said...

That's a cool (and cute) pic!

I'm reading Interworld by Neil Gaiman now. Taking a short break from Indy. LOL.

BTW, you're tagged!

Andi said...

Awwwwww, the cuteness is almost too much for me!

Kim L said...

alice-perfect! I needed something to blog about today.

andi- :-)

Adam Wilson said...

Hi! I nominated you for a blog award. See the details at Letters On Pages!!!!!!

Trish said...

I'm pretty sure you've read it, but I definitely think The Book Thief falls into the category of "this is really YA?"

Rusty is the cutest thing ever! My husband really wants a Cav King Charles.

Kim L said...

adam-aw shucks :-)

trish-actually I haven't read that one, what a great suggestion as I've been wanting to read it!

tanabata said...

Aww, it's hard work being cute! :)