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Monday, July 7, 2008

Some Nice Things

I'm feeling especially excited, thank you to Love who sent me an Amazon giftcard for winning her trivia game (it was a challenging one, too!), and Dewey, who drew my name for We Are On Our Own.

I just went to the bookstore last night and bought my first full-price book of the year. I've hit up a few library sales and Amazon sales, but alas, I needed this book asap so I can read it before my bookclub next week. I'll be busily cramming in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

By the way, we had a great 4th of July and the puppy pretty much made friends with everyone we saw. A few people asked if they could bring him home, and I wasn't sure they were quite kidding. How was your 4th?


Andi said...

Wow, just now buying your first full-price book?! That's mightily impressive. I always vow not to buy new books, but you know how those vows work out for most of us. lol

I bought a new copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn recently. A nasty used copy has been on my shelves for year, but I find that I never want to pick it up, so maybe the pretty new version will provoke me. Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

As for the 4th...mine was uneventful. Just the way I like it!

Amanda said...

That sounds like me :) I hardly ever but a full-priced book :)

You should post a picture of your puppy! :)

Andi said...

I love that you've made it more than halfway into the year without buying a full-price book. Plus, the fact that your puppy is so cute - I'd probably grab him for my own if I could. (Just Kidding).

My 4th was great - good bands, good friends, good food - all that stuff that makes that disgustingly American holiday not really disgusting at all.

Melody said...

Congrats, Kim!
It's always a great feeling to buy full-price books, isn't it?! ;)

Debi said...

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...a book I really must read one of these days!

Trish said...

Ha ha! I have to read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Monday for my IRL bookclub--I'm on page 65. :) Plus I dropped my copy into the lake so it is twice its original size. I guess I'll be cramming right along with you--look forward to your thoughts.

Kim L said...

andi-I've been giving our local library a real workout, and that's how I've avoided it. And sometimes, a book cover makes a book that much more appealing. Sounds like you needed an uneventful 4th of July after everything going on for you!

amanda-I will most definitely most more pictues of my puppy because he is pretty darn cute.

andi-Glad you had a great 4th of July! And what can I say, I'm cheap when it comes to books. I like a bargain!

melody-generally, I prefer getting a book for less than full price, but sometimes it becomes necessary.

debi-I've started it and I know you will like it.

trish-that is too funny that you are reading that one too. Hope you like it! I've been enjoying it so far, but it will be a stretch to fit it in before book club.

Alice Teh said...

Congratulations on the win, Kim. Enjoy the book! I love both used and full-priced books.