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Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekly Geeks Etc.

I'm combining Weekly Geeks #9 and #10 this week.

#9 asks us to post about Reading Challenges.

As in, which ones we are a part of, and getting them organized!

This is a great topic for me as the vacation has left me very behind. I'm caught up on reviews at the moment, and I've got my challenge lists and links up to date. (As I type that, I have to go check again to make sure I'm actually telling the truth there).

So here is how I've done this year for Reading Challenges:

Mythopoeic Award Challenge: 3/7 complete
Short Story Challenge: 4/10 complete
In Their Shoes Reading Challenge: 5/10 complete
Young Adult Reading Challenge: 13/12 complete
Chunkster Challenge: 3/4 complete
My Year of Reading Dangerously: 5/12 (I gave up on Lolita and I'm behind on June. Le sigh).
The Sci-Fi Experience: 3/3 complete
Margaret A. Edwards Reading Challenge: 5/5 complete
Royalty Rules Reading Challenge 2/2 complete
Once Upon a Time Challenge: 9/5 complete
Classics Challenge: 0/6 complete
Graphic Novel Challenge: 2/3 complete

Challenges Completed: 4/12 (so far-I'm sure there will be more). I had no clue when I started blogging that I would be a book blogger. So I look back at how many challenges I did join with amazement.

#10 asks us to write about the magazines we read

Thanks to my ever-practical grandmother, my husband and I have a subscription to Consumer Reports. We absolutely love the advice they give on different products. It has helped us buy a car, decide what camera to get, and it even helped make Valentine's Day better, by ranking different types of boxed chocolate. Hubby bought me this ridiculously expensive but yummy box of Jacque Torres chocolate one year for Valentine's Day. I've become terribly spoiled as a result and cannot stand anything but the expensive chocolate now.

A friend of mine has been getting duplicates of her Glamour subscription, so I've been the lucky recipient of her extra copies. I enjoy and am always amused by reading the mix of "Girl Power" articles, the "Lose Weight Now" articles, and the "Men: How to Understand Them (Hint: Lots of Sex)" articles.

And a recent acquire is a Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine. You know, the type of magazine with lengthy "Best of" lists, extensive advertiser sections and little hard content? I normally look down on that sort of thing, but I made a goal this summer to try and enjoy every minute outdoors in my hometown (I live in the Twin Cities), and the "Best of" list in this particular issue included the "Best of City Parks" and the "Best of Ice Cream", two things that I enjoy. So along with going to art festivals and city parks, I'm aiming to hit up all of the best ice cream joints in the Cities.

Now that sort of goal is not conducive to blogging, so unfortunately my time online might go down. But can you blame me? I mean, I live in Minnesota here. Summers last like 2 seconds compared to the winter. I think there is a good reason I live here. If only I could figure it out.


Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Challenges are looking good. I've always wondered about consumer reports. I always get on their website and then forget that you have to pay to get their in depth reports. I've always wondered if it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Twin Cities too, and I agree, you have to try and enjoy the way to short MN summers when you can. Does Mpls/St. Paul magazine have listings of free events at all?


SmallWorld Reads said...

"I think there is a good reason I live here. If only I could figure it out." That's funny. I lived in Iowa for 5 years. The climate was dreadful, but I sure did love the town we lived in!

Kim L said...

natasha-I think the magazines are completely worth it. I've really enjoyed the reviews they give, and it helps me buy things more efficiently. I don't pay for the extras, like the website. The magazine is really all you need.

grayskyeyes-it totally does! There were lots of festivals and activities listed that didn't cost a thing. I think it is worth reading.

smallworld reads-I feel that way about MN. I love Twin Cities, even though I hate the winters.

tanabata said...

I'd trade you a hot, humid summer for your long winter! ;)
You're doing well with your challenges. I'm behind now on My Year of Reading Dangerously too. I hope I can catch up again over the summer but we'll see.

Kim L said...

tanataba-done. As long as there is air conditioning thrown in. I really like the "My Year of Reading Dangerously" challenge and I'm sad to be behind, but I just can't waste time on a book I don't like. Ah well.