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Friday, January 18, 2008

$95 Later, Puppy's Reputation Cleared

(Voicemail from Kim to Boss)
"I need to flex in late this morning. I think my dog swallowed my wedding ring. I have to take him to the vet. I'll be in soon." (Hysterical voice tone).

(Transcript of phone conversation between vet and Kim)
Vet: Well, we took the x-ray and while Rusty might be guilty, he's not guilty of swallowing your wedding ring.
Kim (thinking to herself): This means I'm out $95 on an x-ray and my ring is still missing.

(Voicemail from Kim to husband approximately 1 hour and a torn-up apartment later)
"OMG I found it!!! OMG I found it!!! It's a miracle!!!" (Cue to shot of puppy, sleeping peacefully, now that accusations of ring-swallowing have been found completely false)

***Note: Certain parts of this story (where the ring actually was, what made Kim think Rusty had eaten it, what Kim did when she first realized ring was missing) have been omitted to make this story fit allotted space and save certain parties from extreme embarrassment.


Aaron said...

But we like extreme embarrassment, not only to reassure us that those around us are equally as human as we are, but also for our raucous enjoyment. :-)

Bold Blue Adventure said...

Aaron-glad I could provide raucous enjoyment.

holicita said...

bwahahahaha... oh kimicita... solo tĂș.

Bold Blue Adventure said...

Holicita-Yes. Only me.

Giulia said...

I agree with Aaron. You left out the best parts of the story that make us want to read it in the first place! You're so cruel! I'll be darned if I can sleep tonight now. ;)

Bold Blue Adventure said...

Giulia-I'm sure I can tell you the full story next time I see ya but definitely not blog appropriate. Sorry, you'll just have to count more sheep.

Andi said...

LOLLL! Sounds like something I would do.

Kim L said...

Andi-now you've learned from my mistakes, you can keep it from happening :-)