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Friday, January 4, 2008

The Blue Screen of Death... or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the External Hard Drive

Let's hear it for fortuitous circumstances. One of my Christmas gifts this year was an external hard drive, and December 26th is when my husband backed up all of his files on it. On December 27th, the Blue Screen of Death appeared.

While the body of the Dell is now broken (although hopefully revivable), its files, or soul, if you will live on. Simply in another format. To really mix my religious metaphors, you might even call it reincarnated in the external hard drive. Let's just call the whole situation what it is. A Christmas miracle! (picture a small child with very wide eyes saying this).

Anyone else experience any Christmas miracles? Or, if you will, Christmas fortuitous circumstances?


Holicita said...

i like your mix of religious metaphors... and the title of this post. God bless us everyone!

Lauryn said...

I count any Christmas where no one in my family digests package ribbon as a Christmas miracle :)

Rhinoa said...

Yay for external hard drives. Dell are a piece of rubbish, I have one that work provided me with which has a big crack by the side of the screen and does the blue screen of death every once in a while. Like you my saviour is my external hard drive, which reminds me I should back everything up tonight.

Bold Blue Adventure said...

Holicita-thank you Tiny Tim :-)

Lauryn-I'm wondering now who was digesting package ribbon?? Sounds like something my puppy would do.

Rhinoa- I completely agree. Husband was pretty gung-ho about Dell, hopefully this will help me convince him to avoid it like the plague next time.

Giulia said...

I love how you did the whole "Dr. Strangelove" bit. I did a group project on Kubrick last quad for my film class.

Bold Blue Adventure said...

G-Thanks to the power of netflix I recently watched that movie. I can't say I 100% loved it, but I feel oh so more cultured now.