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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Slogging through Great Expectations

I am doing my darnest to read Great Expectations for My Year of Reading Dangerously Challenge, but I'm finding it harder than I thought. I started it about a week ago, and I read it right before going to bed, when I'm at home and not blogging, when I'm eating breakfast, and I even brought it along to read while I waited in line last night for rush theater tickets, but I just can't seem to get through it. Sigh.

Speaking of standing in line for rush theater tickets, I have to brag a little that I got my tickets for 99 cents, owing to the fact it was a special preview night. I can't really explain what the play was about, but I really enjoyed it. (If you are curious, check out the summary from the website, but even that doesn't really explain it very well).


Andi said...

Sorry to hear that it's going to slowly for you. It's going slowly for me, but I purposely try to read it in longer, uninterrupted chunks, because it takes that larger block of time for me to get into it. If I read it in fits and starts it's really hard for me to concentrate on it. Not sure why that is, but it seems to happen for me with classics most often.

Good luck with it!

Kim L said...

Andi- You're right, I just need to sit down and read it without interruptions. Maybe this weekend I will have some time. I don't have anything planned (which is the way I like it!).