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Monday, January 28, 2008

Eva's Book Meme

Eva from A Striped Armchair put this together.

Which book do you irrationally cringe away from reading, despite seeing only positive reviews?

Any romance novel. I just don’t “get” romance novels.

If you could bring three characters to life for a social event (afternoon tea, a night of clubbing, perhaps a world cruise), who would they be and what would the event be?

I’d invite Anne Shirley over for some tea, go on adventures with Lirael from the Abhorsen books. Lastly, I’d totally go clubbing with Herminone from Harry Potter.

(Borrowing shamelessly from the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde): you are told you can’t die until you read the most boring novel on the planet. While this immortality is great for awhile, eventually you realise it’s past time to die. Which book would you expect to get you a nice grave?

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance or Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary should do the trick nicely.

Come on, we’ve all been there. Which book have you pretended, or at least hinted, that you’ve read, when in fact you’ve been nowhere near it?

Probly Don Quixote. I minored in Spanish and studied abroad in Spain. I feel I know this book well. But I have not read this book.

As an addition to the last question, has there been a book that you really thought you had read, only to realise when you read a review about it/go to ‘reread’ it that you haven’t?

I have a terrible memory for titles, I barely remember the titles of books I do read, much less books I haven't read.

You’re interviewing for the post of Official Book Advisor to some VIP (who’s not a big reader). What’s the first book you’d recommend and why? (if you feel like you’d have to know the person, go ahead of personalise the VIP)

Lord of the Rings. Everyone just needs to read it. Watching the movies doesn’t count.

A good fairy comes and grants you one wish: you will have perfect reading comprehension in the foreign language of your choice. Which language do you go with?

I'm thinking Japanese because the chances of me learning a language with no alphabet is zilch.

A mischievious fairy comes and says that you must choose one book that you will reread once a year for the rest of your life (you can read other books as well). Which book would you pick?

Lord of the Rings. I have reread it lots of times and it just hasn’t gotten old for me.

I know that the book blogging community, and its various challenges, have pushed my reading borders. What’s one bookish thing you ‘discovered’ from book blogging (maybe a new genre, or author, or new appreciation for cover art-anything)?

I had never heard of Neil Gaiman until starting my blog. Now I have 3 books by him sitting at home.

That good fairy is back for one final visit. Now, she’s granting you your dream library! Describe it. Is everything leatherbound? Is it full of first edition hardcovers? Pristine trade paperbacks? Perhaps a few favourite authors have inscribed their works? Go ahead-let your imagination run free.

In Beauty by Robin McKinley (retelling of Beauty and the Beast), Beast has a huge, magical library. Over time, Beauty starts to realize that he has thousands of books in his library that haven’t been written yet. Ever since reading that book, I have wanted so badly to have that library.

I got in this one too late and most bloggers seem to have to gotten to this already. So if you are reading this and you haven’t done it yet, consider yourself tagged. If you complete the meme, link back to Eva's post and leave a comment. There is a chance to win The House at Riverton. To be in the drawing, you must have posted the meme (and commented) by February 5th, which is when she's holding the drawing.


Eva said...

That's why I picked Japanese! The idea of no alphabet just terrifies me...I mean, how do you use a dictionary?!

Kim L said...

Eva-I agree! I have no clue how they teach Japanese to us English speaking people.