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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blogging is hard work...

If you blog regularly, you know doubt have realized this already. I'm still a newbie, figuring things out as I go, and I'm realizing that to come up with new topics to blog about, keep up with the blogs I have been reading, and responding to comments takes up some time. Not to mention my other goals this year of doing my own original writing. On top of my new YMCA membership (fyi, I already lost my ID card).

Today was a big day for me blogging wise. I tried (unsuccessfully) to add my bloglines subscriptions to my blog, gave up and added them manually (I may not be a computer expert, but I did manage that much, yay for me). So you can now see which book blogs I have been enjoying. I also received my first ever request to review a new book (I will post reviews soon hopefully).

The career woes continue. Upgrading computers is much more hassle and stress than I really wanted today.

Wish me luck as I do my best to finish Great Expectations today and tomorrow!


Marg said...

There are some days when the ideas about what I want to blog about completely overflow, and I end up with all these posts in draft with little more than headings....other days, not so much!!

ravenous reader said...

Congratulations on getting your first book to review! I'll look forward to seeing what you have to say.

Although I've only just started my book blog, I've had another blog for about two years. There are definitely ups and downs in your creative output, but you'll find your readers very forgiving, and always coming back to check on you if you're away for a while.

Kim L said...

marg-yeah sometimes i have lots of ideas, but lately i've been so drained! Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to recoup a little.

RR-Thank you and do check back. I appreciate the input. Right now I think I just get overwhelmed by all of the possible ways I can design my blog, all of the other blogs I could be reading, etc, and then I run out of energy to actually blog! I guess I need to take it a step at a time.

Eva said...

Since the New Year, I've been blogging every day, and that certainly eats a bit of time. The meme, since I promised to link to everyone and I think it's only right I leave at least one comment, has taken up a ton of time! In fact, yesterday I felt icky so I got behind, and that makes today all the more exhausting. hehe

Just remember that blogging's a hobby! It'll take a little while to build up your readership anyway. Then you can start worrying about design. ;)

Kim L said...

eva-thanks for the tips! I always look to your blog for ideas of how to improve my own.