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Monday, May 5, 2008

6 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Andilit tagged me for this meme.
  1. Every job I've had in my life has been in the social services field save one, where I built props for the fall play at my college. I worked in several group homes, as a PCA, and though I'm in the HR field now, both HR jobs I've had have been for social service agencies.
  2. I'm the worst snob about what restaurants I eat at. I blame my husband, a confirmed foodie.
  3. My new favorite TV show is 30 Rock. My old favorite TV show was Heroes. But the TV show that holds a special place in my heart that will never be replaced is Star Trek.
  4. I really like writing forms. When I see a form that is confusing, my fingers itch to rewrite it. I will sit and draft and redraft a form all day.
  5. Ever since I studied abroad in Spain, where I had to watch my money like a hawk 24/7, I have become paranoid that someone will steal my purse. I won't bring my purse into the grocery store anymore, and if I'm at Target, pushing a cart, I won't set my purse down in the cart.
  6. When I was engaged to my husband, I was randomly at Joann Fabric one day and spotted a 90% off sale going on. I ended up buying about so many fake flowers, wreathes, pots and watering cans that my entire trunk, back seat and part of the front seat was full of flowers. I spent the summer before my wedding making the centerpieces and corsages for the wedding. My parents probably had the harder end of the bargain because they had to store all of those blooms and transport them for me.

In the vase is one of the bridesmaid's bouquets.

One of the centerpieces. We had green apples as our favor.

My brothers, modeling the corsages I made.


Trish said...

I just did this one as well. Wow...sounds like a lot of work, but what creative and beautiful pieces you created! Hobby Lobby is a weakness for me, so I try to avoid it unless it is a holiday. I recently got into Heroes, but we missed the second half of this season and it isn't on Not happy about having to rent the episodes when they come out!

Melody said...

The bouquet and the centerpieces are beautiful! You're so talented, Kim. I remember I didn't do much handmade stuff for my wedding... I was too stressed with all the other preparations! ;)

Kim L said...

trish-thank you! Yes I have a weakness for craft stores. I'm a scrapbooker at heart, and I can't seem to leave without several sheets of stickers. That's too bad that they don't have Heroes on That is pretty lame!

melody-aw thanks. Yeah I hear you on the stress! I had plenty of that going on too :-)

Chris said...

I still have to do this one...hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow. I've been a PCA for 7 years now! I like the work a lot. I only did group home work for 2 years...I've mostly worked with individuals and this one family of 3 kids that I've been with for the whole 7 years that I've been in the field. It's going to be sad leaving them when I get a real job :( But I'm ready to get my real job finally!

Debi said...

#4 just totally cracked me up!

Kim L said...

chris-real jobs are nice, although in many ways PCA and group home work is more satisfying-you have the connection with people that can be lacking with a desk job.

debi- :-)

Alice Teh said...

Very creative and absolutely beautiful!

Like Melody, I didn't do anything handmade for my wedding. In fact, I was still working the day before my wedding. Bummer!