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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So How Did You Find Bold. Blue. Adventure?

Here are a few of the keywords that have brought up good ole bold. blue. adventure.

A Lot of Blue
  • point of view in the bluest eye
  • blue in the bluest eye
  • bluest eye interesting character
  • bluest eyes-mrs. breedlove
  • book review cat with one blue eye
Book-Related Inquires
  • do you have to read american gods before anansi boys? - definitely not. If you are a obsessive like me and always have to read things in order, maybe. But if you are not obsessive, no problem.
  • comparison of fat charlie and spider - fat charlie is fat. spider has god abilities.
  • cat's eye "supposed to make me feel more powerful" - supposed to? If it hasn't worked yet, it probably ain't happening.
  • is great expectations an adventure novel? - not really. Too long, too slow.
  • dhl - grrr.
  • firefly what else to watch - nothing that I can recommend.
  • is firefly series good - ummm yes.
  • why firefly was so good - It kicked ass. That's all there is to it.
  • kim l - well that is my name.
  • any books that have statistics on negativity in the work place - hmmm... no statistics, stories only. But I don't like to talk shop on the old blog.
  • free blue paper blogger skins - must have been admiring my layout because they spent 2 1/2 minutes on my site. I don't deny my layout is pretty cool and yes I got it somewhere on the internet.
  • bold adventure or no - I say no regrets. If you want to have a bold adventure, go for it. Just don't have a blue one. Or I'm suing.
  • bold blue internet - I could be wrong but I think I may have typed this one myself to see if my blog popped up.
  • receptionist reception desk story - what an interesting idea for a story.
  • rhinoa's custom - rhinoa, any insight as to this one? Perhaps I've blogged about your customs before?
  • secret dalliance - ooh yes. I have them all the time. With books.
  • sneak snatch look - ???
  • telecharger bumptop, rethink your desktop - again ???
So what key words have brought up your blog? Let me know.


Rebecca said...

I always get a kick out of looking at my blog stats. Weird things people look for sometimes!

I love Firefly :)

Nymeth said...

lol, Rhinoa's costum...I think that's my favourite.

A dumb question now: how do you check? I always love it when people post this, but I have no idea how do check my own.

Debi said...

telecharger bumptop, rethink your desktop...hmmm, I think I've obviously missed a few of your posts! :)

Nymeth-You're not alone...I've always wondered how people do that, too.

Trish said...

I've seen Natasha do this, but I didn't realize it could be done for blogger. How do you go about finding keysearches? It is funny to see what people search for. My searches are always usually pretty simple, but I guess I need to start asking more questions!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Fun to see that you are doing this as well! I've had some fun keywords and always get a kick out of perusing them to find good ones. Most are normal, some are weird, I get a lot of questions that I think are fun to answer although I'm sure whoever is asking wouldn't be coming back to see my answer if they didn't find it the first time.

Since I'm self-hosted with Wordpress, I use Google Analytics and have talked about how to do that in depth over on my blog. I'm not sure about Blogger, obviously Lisa could tell you.

Andi said...

Ahh, at least they don't have anything to do with the s*x industry. I get a lot of those for some reason.

Kim L said...

For those who wondered where I got the keyword searches from, I'll post about it tomorrow. And trust me, I am pretty computer-illiterate, so if I can figure it out, ya'll can too.

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Ah Kim, I just noticed that I called you Lisa in my earlier comment. I know your name is KIM! What's worse is that I just did that yesterday to somebody else as well. I seem to not be able to get my act together! Urgh . . . so embarrassing.

Melanie said...

i use statcounter. i may have to try the google one tho! As for keywords mine are boring: cynical optimism (or some variation), cloverfield (reviewed the movie), hostel vs audition (really old movie review but probably my most read post) and samurai (another movie).

Kim L said...

natasha-heehee, we all have our moments.

melanie-what interesting keywords. I especially like cynical optimism. Huh??