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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Fedora and Whip Are Back!

I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie this weekend. I kept waiting for them to screw up the movie. Although it wouldn't seem to hard to break an award-winning formula (Harrison Ford+beautiful women+lots of action+humorous dialog in the midst of action sequences), plenty of directors who've gone back and touched a previous money-making movie have managed to screw things up (Matrix Trilogy? New Star Wars movies? Etc.)

Anyhow. On to my 10 second movie blurb. Harrison Ford looks a bit more haggard than he used to, but it doesn't stop him from kicking bad-guy butt, the enemy this time being the Russians. So he manages to keep his wits and wittiness about him as he (SPOILER ALERT) goes off on the hunt for a crystal skull, uncovers the mysteries of Area 51, survives a nuclear blast in a lead-lined refrigerator and meets up with an old flame.

So grab your whip and fedora and head to the movie theater. What are you afraid of, snakes?


Nymeth said...

I'm going at some point this week. Can't wait :D

Rhinoa said...

I hope to see this soon. The reviews are mostly negative, but that isn't putting me off any. Can't wait :)

Stephanie said...

I thought it was pretty good, although I have to say that the third one with Sean Connery is still by far my favorite!

Kim L said...

nymeth-hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

rhinoa-really? The reviews over here have been pretty positive. I was kind of surprised.

stephanie-yup, nothing can surpass that one as the best movie. Totally agree with you there!

Susan said...

I loved it too! The one with Sean is still my fav, too, but this one is close....good to see Karen Allen back, and it was very enjoyable. I will definitely be getting this for our collection!

Trish said...

I thought they did a great job of staying true to the old movies. A little corny at the end (actually we went to a late show so I struggled to keep my eyes open--eeks!), but overall pleasantly surprised!