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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This and That


Come on my friends... you know you have a good blogging tip somewhere deep in your heart (or on the tip of your tongue maybe, depending on your personality) just waiting to be put to good use. You don't have to know anything about the technical side. Even if all you did was use a premade template for your blog, you can advise others the pros and cons of using a premade template. Or advise others to find a friend who knows how to do the technical stuff for you. At the very least, you can vent about things that you find annoying about other blogs or blog services.

Let others learn from your wisdom! Write a post about your blogging tips, and link back to me. I'm even offering an Amazon gift certificate! Does it get any better? I didn't think so.

Therefore, I'm tagging you. Yes... you! To complete the meme I started. Please donate a piece of your mind to the cause. Revive this meme from an early death! (Dangles carrot on a stick)


So there is this cool new thing I learned about called Book Blogs. It's kind of like Myspace where you can have a profile page and write on people's walls and friend other people, but cooler. Because this particular group is all book-related. And I just joined, so its really super-cool now, right? Right?? Guys??


I had what very well may have been the best idea of my life a few weeks ago. I am in love with Lord of the Rings, and for a very good reason. I had the books read to me by my father before I could even read, and they have fascinated me ever since. I've reread the books a few times, but my father lost track after 17 rereads. Don't take him on in a LOTR trivia game, because he knows how many stairs there were on the way to Shelob's Lair (and the name of the stairs which I can't recall right now). He can tell you the correct pronunciation of Cirith Ungol, and how many silmarils there were.

I herded my family (three siblings, a husband and a mother - it was much like herding cats) into a recording studio, and we each picked different passages from LOTR to record. A friend of mine put them together with music from the movie soundtracks and we presented it to my dad last weekend for his birthday.

I spent TWO WEEKS just dying to tell him about it, so this past weekend could not come fast enough! We finally got to give it to him, which we did by playing snippets of the recording for everyone at the birthday party.

And yes, he loved it. He wouldn't let us listen to the whole thing because he wanted to sit and savor each section first.

And yes, I am the world's best daughter. Why thank you for saying so.


Natasha @ Maw Books said...

You are the best daughter ever! Wow, that's awesome!

I have my blogging tips in draft mode at the moment. I honestly think I'm taking it way to far because it's becoming longer and longer. And I honestly didn't think I had THAT much to share. Soon!

Anonymous said...

Great post! That is an awesome gift, and very creative.

DesLily said...

well i still don't think this is a tip but I posted. (it had to share a spot with some poppet photos lol)

Debi said...

Oh Kim, that truly is the coolest idea! What an incredible gift!

Trish said...

Sounds like a fabulous and creative gift! How are you going to outdo yourself for father's day? :)

Kim L said...

natasha-heehee, I'm sure you'll get there eventually :-)

thatsthebook-thank you!

deslily-great advice! I linked it for you :-)

debi-thanks :-)

trish-heehee no clue. Probably suggest we listen to the CD all over again.

Nymeth said...

Donate a piece of your mind...I like that, lol.

And wow, Kim, you are the best daughter! What an original gift!

Stephanie said...

OK, sounds like you are the most THOUGHTFUL daughter ever (since I've already taken the best daughter ever crown)! :)

Chris said...

I SWEAR I'm going to do your meme soon...real soon! I was going to do it in today's post but it got out of control long, so I just had to stop :p

That gift that you made your dad is too cool for words!!! I mean seriously, you have to win some kind of daughter of the century award for that. You should most definitely have him write a guest post describing his thoughts on it ;)

Kim L said...

stephanie-darn I was too late for that crown. Oh well I'll have to settle for most thoughtful.

chris-too much advice huh? ;-)

I would totally have my dad write something, but he's still learning what a blog is. Internet? What?

trish said...

I'm going to be posting blogging tips, but my computer died last night. GAH! Hopefully I'll have it posted by early next week? I think I've got some good ideas, though. :-)

Chris said...

Oh no...I didn't have too much advice, lol...The post I wrote was just too long, so I didn't want to tack on advice at the end of would've been like a 50 paragraph long post. So I'm going to do a seperate post for blogging advice! Hopefully I'll get it up this afternoon! Cracks me up about your dad learning what a blog mom can't figure it out either. I don't think my dad even knows what a computer is...