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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Movies, Movies and more Movies

I have seen a really good bunch of movies in the last few days, and I feel the need to share short blurbs about each.

If you like fantasy and can handle a movie with talking animals, go see Prince Caspian. Of course, it isn't as good as the book, because nothing ever is. Nor will the casting director who picked Ben Barnes to play Caspian win any awards, but there is some pretty compelling parts that make the whole thing worthwhile.

Atonement. I admit it, I'm a multi-tasker. I try to blog and watch movies at the same time. I tried at the beginning of this one, but I couldn't. I got completely hooked by the movie, and I could not look away. I normally hate when movies jump around chronologically, but somehow this movie pulled it off. It is about perception, about how what we see isn't always what we assume it is.

Dan in Real Life. Get this, Steve Carrell can act. Really. And be more than an idiotic doofus. This is a romantic comedy, with all the same dilemmas and predictability you'd expect, but it is surprisingly good. I didn't even completely realize that it was a romantic comedy until the end, because up until that point, it was just an enjoyable movie.

There. You've had my $.02 on the matter.


Tasha said...

I loved Dan in Real Life. It was the right combo of humor and reality. I watched it with my parents and we were all rolling on the floor laughing by the end!!

Lucky said...

Atonement was a real catcher. Its one of those movies I would watch twice and that's saying something.

Chris said...

I'm looking forward to Caspian though I've heard that they took so many liberties with the story that it wasn't funny...but that's to be expected with Disney...but I also heard it's still really good!

Dan in Real Life was a great movie! I really liked it. I agree that STeve Carrell can act...he can be humorous when he needs to be and can play the more down to earth role that he needed to play in that movie too when he needed to.

Chayenne said...

I saw Caspian over the weekend and thought it was awesome. But I'm one of those illiterate people who hasn't read the series. (Yes, I know, but I plan to read the books over the summer, I swear!) I liked everything about it, except for Caspian's ridiculous and distracting Spanish accent; I kept thinking of Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride when he spoke. Haha.

Kim L said...

tasha-yes, his predicament in the movie and his reactions seemed very realistic. Most romantic comedies seem so contrived.

lucky-so true!

chris-Prince Caspian is still good, despite remaking the movie in quite a few points. And yeah, Steve Carrell annoys me to death on the Office, so it was nice to see him play a role that didn't make me want to scream!

chayenne-Yeah, there was a great scene where Caspian says something along the lines of "you killed my father??" and so without thinking my husband and I lean over to each other. "Prepare to die!"

Melody said...

Yes, I want to watch Prince Caspian, just didn't get the chance yet! And I love Atonement, I think the story is just so beautiful and romantic!

Andi said...

Caspian on Friday - woo hoo! and Dan in Real Life was such an unexpectedly great film - probably one of my favs for the year. . . thanks for the reminder.

Stephanie said...

My husband and I watched Dan in Real Life just a few weeks ago and both enjoyed it - I'm really surprised it didn't do all that well in the boxoffice!

Alice Teh said...

Lots of people are saying really good things about Atonement. I must watch it one of these days...

Kim L said...

melody-hope you get the chance to see Caspian-it was pretty darn good!

andi-yay! And Dan in Real Life was surprising, wasn't it? I definitely wasn't expecting that much.

stephanie-No one probably believed that Steve Carrell was such a good actor!

alice teh-it is a good movie. Definitely worth seeing!

Trish said...

I've been wanting to see Dan in Real Life--thanks for the heads up! I'm glad you liked Atonement. It wasn't as good as the book for me, but still a great movie. Loved the music!