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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Last Colony

The Last Colony by John Scalzi
Reason for Reading: The Hell of It
Rating: 4.5/5

The Last Colony is another kickass entry into the Old Man's War series. Okay, so there are plotlines that aren't followed up on, and I still felt like I didn't know some of the characters as well as I wanted to. But like Old Man's War, I didn't care. Because, like I said, it kicked ass.

This book follows up on Jane Sagan and John Perry who have managed to survive life in the army and have now retired to life as the administrators of a backwoods colony. They have an adopted stepdaughter, Zoe, who comes along with a pair of hive-mind aliens who consider her to be like a deity.

Life changes, though, when John and Jane are offered the chance to establish a new colony ominously named Roanoke (history must not have been John's strong point or he probably wouldn't have taken the job). Anyhow. They work at establishing the colony, when the pieces start fitting into place... John begins to suspect that they are pawns in an enormous intergalactic war.

The Last Colony moves along at a brisk pace, and I enjoyed the further adventures of John and Jane. Zoe, despite being their daughter, didn't really recieve star billing, but I happen to know that Scalzi wrote a YA novel retelling the events of this story from Zoe's perspective, so I'll be picking that one up eventually.

Recommended (especially for the upcoming scifi experience)

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Andi said...

Where were you when I was trying to give this one away for Estella's Revenge!!! LOL I can't remember if we ever got it reviewed or not.

Chris said...

K, I didn't read this review because I'm reading Old Man's War in January for Carl's sci fi experience. Carl gave it to me for Christmas last year and your review of it made me want to pick it up right now! I'll come back and read this review after I've read it too ;)