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Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Book-Mas

To those who celebrate Christmas, did you get a lot of books this year? I sure as heck did. Husband and I did wishlists on Amazon this year, with the idea it would make Christmas giving easier, but I kept forgetting that my parents are slightly technology impaired. They did manage eventually! I got quite a few books I've been lusting over (including the entire Twilight series).

I had been wanting a few books about writing, so I got Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint, another book from the same series Dialog, and the 2009 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market. I also stumbled across a verse novel, The Apprentice's Masterpiece (is that the right term for a regular novel in verse form?) set in Medieval Spain, so I'm snagging that as research for my current novel. I think it will go down a little easier than the massive books I've been using so far.

And I am so looking forward to the second Octavian Nothing book. I LOVED the first one, and I may have to buy it eventually to match up with this second book. I want. to. read. right. now.

Other awesome books I received are:
The Road by Cormac McCarthy (for the 2009 Sci Fi Experience)
Tigerheart by Peter David
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
On Beauty by Zadie Smith
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks (I'm not a big Nicholas Sparks reader, so we'll see how this one goes).

My husband got a model ship for Christmas, so our living room all of a sudden has a much classier look to it. And between the two of us, we got a number of much needed new CDs (music collection was getting old). So an all-around good haul. And it was a nice day in general. My mother-in-law traveled from Madison to visit us, and we all celebrated with my parents and siblings. And I have practically all next week off of work. It doesn't get much better.

What loot did you get for Christmas?


Alyce said...

Wow! What an amazing list of books! I got books from SantaThing, but that's about it. Everyone else got me lovely gifts, but no books. I think it might be that they are hinting that I have too many books. As if there could be such a thing!

Renay said...

Wow! I am so jealous! I bought myself a book (Dairy Queen) because no one else thought to buy me any books.

Dude, your stack! The Book Thief! Tigerheart (waaant)! Octavian! You have a lot of awesome reading ahead.

Chris said...

What a fantastic loot!! I can't wait to read Octavian Nothing...I just have to buy it now :/

Eva said...

That's a lot of books, and they all look like fun! I got Le Divorce and the Annotated Pride and Prejudice. BUT I now have an extra $50 from Christmas, so I might go on a book spree. ;)

Andi said...

WOW, what a haul!!

Nymeth said...

On Beauty! The Book Thief! The Road! We Have Always Live in the Castle! Tigerheart! I really loved all of those and I hope you enjoy them too. Fantastic haul!

I really need to read the Octavian Nothing books. I'm glad you had such a good Christmas!

tanabata said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Nice book loot! You have some fun reading ahead of you. Wishing you all the best in 2009!

Alice Teh said...

WOW! That was awesome! Look at the books. I'm drooling just by looking at them. I see you have all the Twilight saga books. I've enjoyed On Beauty, The Book Thief and The Road.

Happy reading!

*claire* said...

Wow you are so lucky to receive so many books for Christmas! The Road is excellent. I'm also looking forward to reading Octavian Nothing. :D

Melody said...

What a nice haul, Kim! I'm glad you all had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your books! :D

mariel said...

That's a lot of fabulous books! I received quite the stack of books this year too, I need more time off to read them all. Enjoy!