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Monday, December 15, 2008

My Weekend Was Nerdier Than Your Weekend

Did you go see "A Klingon Christmas Carol"? In actual Klingon? With English sub-titles for the non-native Klingon-speakers?


Then my weekend was definitely nerdier than yours.

Here are some of the members of the Klingon Imperial Players, schmoozing after the play. I'm not sure what one gets paid these days to travel from Qo'noS, (the Klingon homeworld) to present cultural plays here on earth, but they seemed happy to teach everyone here more about Klingon culture and beliefs.

For example, Scrooge, or Scuje's fault lays not in the love of money, but in cowardliness. All his life Scuje avoided the chance to become a warrior and defend his family's name. So on the eve of the Feast of the Long Night, he is visited by the Spirit of Kahless Past, Present and Future to teach him how to be an honorable Klingon. In the course of the evening, he revisits happy memories at Fezivig's, meeting the love of his life, Bel, and the shameful time he rigged the pain sticks to not work during the Rite of Ascension. His trick was found out and he was not honorable enough to admit it. At last, after seeing his whole life laid out before him, he decides to live an honorable life, fighting to defend his family's honor in the Feast of the Long Night. "And it was said of him that he knew how to keep the Feast of the Long Night, if any man alive possessed the knowledge."

In this picture, you can see Tiny Tim, or as he is known in Klingon, Tim-hom. He only wanted to became a great warrior, and pass the Rite of Ascension. But with his weak body, he would need intensive training to get past the pain sticks.

I really think the bat'leth tucked under his arm in place of a crutch was a nice touch. Tim-hom was actually auctioned off at the end of the play. I'm not going to lie, the thought of having a miniature Klingon doll in my house creeps me out. But you know. Someone did pay $100 for him.
As a side note, I use Firefox for my internet browser. It has a basic spell checker. The spell-checker has no issues, surprisingly, with the word Klingon. klingon, on the other hand, it underlines in the nasty red. When I tested Word, it's far more advanced spell-checker did not recognize Klingon or klingon. Hmmm... pondering who writes computer code for Firefox...


Alyce said...

That is so funny! In our library we have conversational Klingon audio discs, which cracks me up (and no, I haven't checked them out). I'm one of those nerdy people that love Star Trek, but the Klingon Christmas Carol sounds a little over the top; although I'm sure it was a hoot!

Chris said...

Yeah, I'm sorry but I don't think I'll ever be able to beat that nerd story :p Though if that came here....I'd totally be there ;)

Eva said...

I am just utterly speechless.

mariel said...

That is hands down one of the nerdiest things I have ever heard of. Awesome! I'm not surprised you enjoyed it..genius!

Spent my weekend at a mediaeval fayre listening to minstrels and storytellers, watching fire eaters and playing with longbows...equally nerdy!

Aaron said...

Wow. I like Star Trek. I run a geek blog. I even understood everything you said in your post. But seriously, that is indeed the nerdiest thing I've ever heard of. Congratulations!

Debi said...

I simply can't stop laughing at your post title. But oh, it's so appropo!

Nymeth said...

Sounds nerdilicous :D I'm glad you had fun, Kim!

Bookfool said...

Your weekend was definitely nerdier than mine. Sounds like a blast. I'm envious.

Giulia said...

I saw this on the news and instantly thought of you. You never cease to amaze me. :)

Trish said...

All I have to say is that you crack me up!! I don't think I've ever watched Star Trek...shhh...don't tell!

Glad you had fun!